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Can You Get Sick from Drinking Spring Water?


We all know that we should be drinking more water, and most of us are woefully bad at drinking enough to keep us functioning throughout the day.

It is estimated that 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water, leading to chronic dehydration, which has a host of unwanted side effects.

So, we know that drinking water is beneficial to your health, but can you drink too much, and can spring water make you unwell?

Let’s have a look.

How Much Water Should We Be Drinking?

The amount a person should be drinking depends greatly on their age, weight and daily activities, as it varies for everyone.

However, a loose recommendation is between two to three litres per day, to stop you becoming dehydrated.

A good way to tell if you are getting enough water, is if you do not often feel thirsty, and you regularly urinate and your urine is a light yellow colour.

It is very easy to become chronically dehydrated, this comes from regularly not drinking enough water, and signs of this can be feeling tired all the time, dry, flaky skin, constipation, muscle weakness or stiffness and regular headaches, and also non-restful sleep.

So, as you can see, ensuring you get your water intake is very important.

It is, however, also possible to drink too much water. This can be life threatening, as the body becomes overloaded with water, and the kidneys can’t work fast enough to remove it from the body. In this case, there is not enough sodium or salt in the body, which can lead to serious complications and even death.

Ask your doctor, or nutritionist about the correct amount of water for you to be drinking.

Benefits Of Drinking Spring Water

Spring water is often considered the best type of water to drink, and is often considered more natural.

This is because it’s bottled at the source of the spring, and therefore has been untreated with the chemicals that tap water has, and by its natural nature, it has not picked up any chemicals from the pipes that it travels through on the way to your tap.

It is often reported by fans of spring water that it has the freshest, and most natural taste, due to it being bottled at the point that it rises from the ground.

Spring water has a neutral pH, of around 7 – 7.5, which means it is neither to acidic or alkaline for the body, and will not disrupt the body’s natural pH

It is always beneficial to have water on hand, so that you can drink as much as you need, whether at work or at home, there is bound to be a spring water delivery company nearby that can keep your stocked with this precious resource.

Can Spring Water Be Bad For You?

As we have already said, drinking too much of any type of water can be bad for you, it can cause the electrolytes in your blood to become unbalanced, leading to many unwanted effects such as heart arrhythmias and even death.

If water is not bottled in a sterile manner, and bacteria makes it into the bottle, then these unwanted bacteria can start to multiply, and lead to making the drinker unwell.

The same goes for if a bottle of water has been opened and not kept clean, then bacteria can gather around the spout of the bottle, and again leading to illness.

If the source of the spring water is not clean, for example if it was located in a landfill site, then it would immediately become contaminated.

Always buy your spring water from a reputable company, that you can easily find out the location for the spring they use, and a company that has a reputation for supplying clean, uncontaminated water.

They will usually have to be licensed by the local authority, so make sure that they have this in place and that they are regularly audited.

Plastic vs Glass

In this modern world, we all know that we should be using much less plastic for many reasons.

If possible, only buy spring water in glass bottles, but if plastic is the only option, then look for a company that provides recycling for their plastic bottles, and who have a good track record of recycling in an ethical and responsible way.

It is part of our global responsibility to be as waste free as possible, and using glass bottles for our water consumption is part of that.

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The walleye has a golden brown or yellow color with a white belly. Walleyes have two dorsal fins on their back and large, cat-like, silvery, almost reflective eyes to which the name “walleye” can be attributed.

Don’t confuse it with the Alaskan walleye, though. Because even though they look alike, the Alaskan walleye is a saltwater fish, has a very different taste, and is not even a distant relative of the walleye!

Although restaurants often serve 5-pound walleyes, North American walleyes can weigh up to twenty pounds or 9 kilograms and grow to around 31 inches long. Females tend to be bigger than males.

Walleyes are caught both for commercial and recreational purposes. Since they are known to be nocturnal feeders, the best time to go walleye fishing is at twilight just as the sun sets or at dawn just before the sun rises. For a higher chance of success, live baits are also the way to go.

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Best Masticating Juicer


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