Welcome to Good Food Fun! This site comes to you from Food Network and Share Our Strength, who are joining forces to raise awareness about the issues surrounding childhood hunger. Come here to find everything GOOD FOOD – from what foods are in season, to recipes to cook those foods with, to updates on what we’re up to in the fight to end childhood hunger. We’ve got a lot of powerful projects going on, so be sure to check this blog often for updates on what we’re up to and how you can help!

Food Network and Share Our Strength have done so much together already – from public service announcements on Food Network, to fundraising events – now it’s time to take our partnership to the next level. With that, we are so pleased to announce the launch of Food Network’s first-ever charitable project, Good Food Gardens. The gardens, built by Teich Garden Systems in schools and community centers across the US, will be a tangible way children can learn where their food comes from, how to grow it, experience different types of fruits and vegetables they may not have seen before, and understand why all of this is important. Research shows that kids who see where fresh foods (Good Foods!) come from, are much more likely to eat them.

Good Food Gardens will be enclosed structures that can be locked, have protective netting to keep out animals (and people, if needed!), and include a self-watering system for when school is out. This concept for a uniquely sustainable garden, with raised beds, that can be built anywhere, on any surface comes to us from Teich. Check out their website to see the gardens they’ve already built – www.teichgardensystems.com.

We are unveiling the first Good Food Garden at the Slow Food Nation event Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco. Slow Food Nation, www.slowfoodnation.org, will bring together tens of thousands of people to experience an extraordinary range of activities highlighting the connection between plate and planet. Alice Waters, Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser will all be speaking about current food issues – from food policy to the environment.

The next Good Food Garden will be built in New York City, Food Network’s “backyard” in 2009. Then, we’ll plant one in Share Our Strength’s backyard, in Washington, DC. After that, who knows? Tell us where you want us to plant the third! Also check out our downloadable info on how to start a garden in your community.

This site is all about making good food fun. It’s up to you what you and your kids eat everyday, not us. This site is a resource where you can learn more about good food and see if you want to try it out, whether through one of our coloring games or one of our recipes.