The Best Butcher Knife – Your Guide To Pick The Right One


Are you tired of chopping down all those meat slabs that in the end still looks like a massacre?

Well, if you are dealing with meat in your kitchen, there are a number of knives that you should keep within your reach. And if you have a difficulty in dicing down the meat with your old knife, (surprise, surprise!!) you might be using the wrong knife all this time.

The secret behind a perfectly cut large chunk of meat is a good butcher knife.

A good quality butcher knife with a sturdy handle that fits the task at hand will never give you a dull moment and can improve your productivity in the kitchen.

However, it may be hard to find the best butcher knife out of all those options available in the market today. That is why I have come up with this amazing guide to help you choose the best butcher knife for your kitchen in 2017.


How To Decide The Best Butcher Knife For Your Kitchen

Before you zero in on a butcher knife to grace your meat cutting ninja skills, it is important to get introduced to the types of butcher knives available in the market.

1. Types Of Butcher Knife

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Blade Features

Butcher knife

Is used to cut, trim and section large pieces of raw meat.

Heavy, wide and curved.

Chef’s knife

Can be used for chopping, slicing and mincing.



Extremely sharp - is the “ax” of butcher knives; Can force its way through the bones.

Thick and heavy

Boning knife

Is used to separate the meat and connective from the bones.

Thin and pointed; can be stiff or flexible; is quite long.

Carving knife

Is used to slice the meat into thin cuts.

Thin and has a sharp, pointed tip.

2. Comfort

The first criteria that you should consider before deciding on the best butcher knife is the comfort. The butcher knife must give your hand a comfortable grip for easy control.

Plus, its blade and handle should be well balanced so that you won’t have to put much effort in cutting the meat or force on the handle. An attribute that can ensure a better balance is the design of the knife bolster, which we will discuss in the next point.​

3. Forged vs. Stamped Knife

All butcher knives are made using either of these two processes: Stamping and Forging.

Forged knives contain a thicker and heftier blade than stamped knives which makes them better balanced and sturdier than the later. The only place they lack is price - they are generally more pricey.

You can easily differentiate a stamped knife from a forged one by finding a bolster between the handle and heel. The bolster is specially designed for forged knives and helps balance the knife which keeps your hand from sliding across the blade.

If you are curious to find more about forged and stamped knives, you can get it in this video:​

4. The Knife Quality and Composition

Most of the butcher knives are made from high carbon stainless steels with three quality variants: VG-10, 440C and 420HC.

If you want your butcher knife to have high-quality standards, then go for a VG-10 steel. This stainless steel offers an excellent edge-retention and is highly known to be durable, stain-proof and sharp.

On the other hand, the 440C and 420HC are commonly used for the creation of German steel knives. They are known for their stain-proof and rust-proof quality but 440C is found to be sturdier than 420HC.​

4. Knife Handles

In this quest of finding the best butcher knife, the handle plays an important role. Butcher knives come with different types of knife handles such as wood, stainless steel and plastic.

Though wood handled butcher knives are considered most comfortable and have good design, they fail to provide sturdiness as compared to the other types of knife handles. They should also be avoided because wood have high chances to trap bacteria.

The stainless steel handles are sturdy, better balanced and easy to clean. However, they don’t offer a very nice grip. They can easily slip from your hands when wet which may lead to kitchen accidents.

Meanwhile plastic handles might be the best option. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean. But they might break when used daily or if they get exposed to extreme temperatures.​

6. Slip and Rust Resistance

Look for a butcher knife that has a good handle that presents you a good grip and won’t allow your fingers to slip across it. Mostly plastic handles come with best slip-resistance.

If you want your knife to remain rust free and avoid corrosion, then go for a knife with high carbon steel blade. I would recommend a VG-10 steel forged knife.​

7. High Edge Retention

Edge retention determines how long the knife’s blade can remain sharp despite being subjected to daily or long term use.

High carbon steel blades are known to retain a high edge retention for a long time. The best way to ensure that your blade will have a better edge retention is to see if it has high wear resistance and flexibility.​

8. Hardness and Versatility

A good butcher knife should be hard but should be slightly flexible to help you trim the meat more efficiently from the bone. Further, the flexible feature can prevent the blade from chipping or breaking easily.

Meanwhile, it is a big plus if the butcher knife is restricted to only meat but can also cut vegetables and fruits. This versatility enhances the multifunction capacity of your butcher knife.

Now that you know what to look for in determining the best butcher knife for your needs, here are my top 5 picks for the best butcher knives available today.​

The 5 Best Butcher Knives In The Market

Considering the above parameters to determine the best butcher knife, we have shortlisted these five butcher knives to provide the perfect option for you.

1. Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife

The Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory butcher knife has a 10-inch blade and is a fine example of quality material and craftsmanship.

It is constructed and designed to endure the toughest of the conditions. Though it comes with a genuine hickory wood handle and a hollow ground edge, the high quality blade cover ups for the shortcoming. It is made of 1095 high carbon steel which is tempered and created to keep the blade sharp for long.


  • High-carbon steel handle for an ultra sharp edge and longevity
  • Quality material and aesthetically pleasing handle
  • Highly sturdy and strong with an excellent blade length
  • Antique design


  • The blade may be initially dull and needs to be sharpened
  • Wood handle is prone to accumulate bacteria
  • The blade tends to rust if not properly oiled and cleaned

2. Dexter-Russell (S112-10PCP) – 10″ Butcher Knife

The Dexter-Russell (S112-10PCP) 10″ Butcher Knife might not offer you the sleek design, style or color but does leave behind the other knives when it comes to superior quality.

It's perfectly honed 10” blade and the grip of the handle makes a well balanced butcher knife that you can go for. The sharpened and hand-honed stainless steel blade with a Grip-Tex handle offers durable, long lasting razor sharpness and ability to slice large and thick meats and can roast in perfectly sliced and evenly thinned portions.

On the bottom line, this knife is sharp and larger than most of the butcher knives available in the market and is a perfectly suitable match for everyone’s need.


  • Superior quality, easy to maintain, hand sharpened 10” blade for excellent results
  • Good weight and heft that can hold an edge quite well
  • Quiet nice balance and sturdiness with a non-grip handle that actually works
  • Can hold an edge quite with increased edge retention for increased longevity


  • Can resist your cutting motion which might result in cutting accidents or roughly chopped meat
  • Its large 10 inch blade may mean it is slightly too large for working on the home grill
  • The print on the blade washes off easily

3. Rada Cutlery R109 Old Fashioned Butcher Knife with Aluminum Handle

The Rada Cutlery R109 Old Fashioned Butcher Knife is made from surgical grade stainless steel. Its hand sharpened blade, lightweight and convenience of use makes it one of the most preferred butcher knives in the home kitchens.

It comes with a black resin, stainless steel handle. A 7 ¾ inch long blade makes this knife very much suitable for stripping, splitting and dicing big portions of meat. It has the perfect balance which helps in cutting and processing anything easily.


  • Very versatile for a butcher knife - can be used for splitting, dicing and stripping meat. Plus, it can be easily used to cut large fruits and vegetables
  • Super sharp T420 high carbon steel blade.Very affordable
  • Good grip on the handle
  • Elegant and durable design
  • Very affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Is best to cut only light meat; might show restriction while cutting thicker meat such as goat, lamb or deer
  • The blade is quite short at only 7 ¾ inches long
  • The blade is a bit thin and little flimsy for a butcher knife
  • The handle may get slippery when wet
  • Restricted to hand wash and dry only cleaning method

4 . Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife

The Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher knife is likely to find the permanent place in your kitchen. This exceptional butcher knife holds the promise to make it easy and convenient for home cooks to cut or perform other butchering tasks. It is ideal for cutting roasts and big cuts of thick meat.

Its design and manufacturing are all about sharpness, strength and sturdiness. It features a high carbon stainless, stamped with cold-rolled steel, hand sharpened blade. It’s sharp edged is prepared by using a special tempering process which allows it to be re-sharpened over and over again thereby keeping its original sharpness forever intact. It has a blade that has been.

The handle is designed in such a way that helps in reducing wrist tension and offers a natural fit. Plus, it's good heft and comfortable sure-grip with finger guard makes it a favorite of buyers.


  • Its straight blade design cuts meat efficiently without tears or shreds
  • A good heavy blade that creates precise cuts and comes with a great edge retention
  • Very versatile; can smoothly quarter a deer or fillet a salmon


  • The 12” blade might be too large for kitchen use and is not ideal for those seeking a smaller blade
  • More expensive than other butcher knives available

5. F. Dick Ergogrip 10″ Butcher Knife

F. Dick Ergogrip 10″ Butcher Knife is one of the finest made butcher knives. Its German construction is more than evident in its designing and detailing.

The knife comes with an edge retention of top quality. Home cooks, even professionals can place this knife as a daily blade as the knife requires minimum sharpening maintenance. Even if the blade wears down, it can be sharpened again with a few strokes using a diamond steel.

It is a comfortable knife to use too. Its ergonomic handle makes you enjoy holding this knife and getting to work.


  • Superior German quality knife which offers an extremely sturdy handle
  • Stainless steel knife with excellent edge retention and is easy to sharpen
  • Well balanced and versatile. A good option for extended professional or daily use


  • Its large 10 inch blade may mean it is slightly too large for working on the home grill

In The Nutshell: The Best Butcher Knife For Your Kitchen in 2017

Though all the above stated butcher knives are good at their work, it's the Victorinox 12 inch Butcher Knife that gets my top pick because this knife means business. The stamped knife handles all the butchering tasks - chopping, mincing, splitting, dicing and stripping easily.

It is the perfect knife for cutting whole roasts and large chunks of meat. It consists of a high-carbon stainless steel blade which offers a long lasting sharpness and great edge retention. The blade is ice tempered to make it sharp for an optimized result.

The patented Fibrox handle guarantees to be slip resistant. It’s ergonomic design makes this knife well balanced and comfortable.​

The Best Butcher Knife – Your Guide To Pick The Right One
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