The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator for Your Kitchen


Designing or re-modelling a kitchen can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. There are many facets to consider from countertops to sinks and islands, the choices available are vast. If you wish to keep your kitchen stream-lined and sleek, you may be on the search for the best counter depth refrigerator out there to accent your cabinetry and save space.

As with all other aspects of kitchen design, the options are plenty, you just need to know which features are important to you in your kitchen.


What To Look For In A Counter Depth Refrigerator


First it is important to know what exactly is a counter depth refrigerator to know it is what you are looking for and need. Counter depth refers to the measurement from the front door to back coils on the fridge--so basically the thickness of the appliance. The only issue is, you must first know the measurement of your cabinets and countertops before shopping for your refrigerator, since “counter depth” does not describe an exact measurement and there are a few options available.

Most cabinets are about 25” in depth so you would assume a counter depth fridge would be the same, but in fact, most counter depth fridges are 24”—the box only. Once you factor in the room required at the back of the fridge from the wall plus the doors and handles the measurement is closer to 31”. You do need this room though for door swing and as mentioned, the cooling space between the wall and the back of your fridge. Also, be aware of the height, since most counter depth refrigerators tend to be taller than average fridges.​

You should double check the space you wish to install your refrigerator, since many counter depth refrigerators come in wider sizes to account for the lost depth of a regular fridge. You may find that the space you have designated for a refrigerator or the space available is just not wide enough to accommodate the refrigerator of your choosing.​


The best counter depth refrigerator should not skimp out on capacity. Many counter depth refrigerators take away capacity space in order to fit into the “counter depth” size range. This means you pay the same price for a fridge, yet you only get limited food storage space. It is important to check the overall capacity rating of the fridge you select.


Price Point

Everyone has a budget in mind when shopping for appliances. Even if you have an unlimited budget, it is still a good idea to pay attention to the price tag. Just because a counter depth refrigerator may be priced higher, does not mean you are getting more value for your money.

In fact, sometimes you are simply paying for the convenience of having a fridge that will look smooth in your kitchen and one that is trendy right now. Compare the price point with the features you get and how it meets your needs.


If you will require the use of a freezer in your kitchen, you should consider whether the counter depth refrigerator you are considering includes a freezer. Not all fridges have a freezer compartment and the counter depth variety often have a freezer drawer in the bottom as opposed to the top like on standard depth fridges.

If you elect to go with a freezerless model, you will need to consider purchasing a separate freezer for your freezing needs. You should also decide if you would like the freezer to be located on the bottom or top of the fridge if it does include a freezer.


Each counter depth fridge will come with its own storage solutions and layout. Because many come in wider widths, the drawers are often more shallow. Have a look inside the fridge to see how it is organized. Double check that the shelves are adjustable or removable to meet your specific needs. How many drawer compartments are included and will this be enough for your needs?

Bonus Features

If you are looking for more than just a plain refrigerator, you may consider features that are added to the appliance to make it more attractive or even more useful. Some fridges come equipped with water and ice makers in their door for quick, convenient access to cold water and ice cubes or crushed ice. You will need the proper water hook-up for this feature so it is important to check that you can run the required lines prior to purchasing.

Another added feature which may be included is the Energy Star rating, meaning the fridge saves energy and costs less to operate than a standard fridge. Additionally, you may find other things could include frost free operation, glass shelving, digital faceplates and controls, plus so much more.

5 Of The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Models

1. Summit Counter Depth Stainless Steel Refrigerator

This model features a slim design, perfect for tight spaces and fitting into existing kitchen spaces. It measures a 23.63” in width, a very thin design and height of 79”. The counter depth featured with this fridge is 25.63” and that doesn’t include the doors or handles. You will like the price point, since it is on the lower end compared to other counter depth fridges.

In terms of extras, this fridge may not appear to offer anything extra, however it boasts frost-free operation and digital control of temperature in the fridge and freezer, LED lighting on the interior, glass shelving and two crisper drawers.


  • Stylish stainless steel for a modern look
  • Slim design fits into smaller kitchen spaces
  • Freezer included on the bottom, allowing better access to refrigerator items
  • ​Frost-free operation
  • Price point more affordable than other counter depth refrigerators


  • Capacity is small due to slim design; holds up to 13.3 cubic feet
  • No ice maker or water dispenser included
  • Won’t fill in standard spacing in an existing kitchen
  • ​Much taller than standard fridge at 79” high; must have enough clearance
  • Because freezer is in the bottom, the capacity isn’t that big

2. Bosch Stainless Steel Counter Depth Refrigerator (B11CB50SSS)

The Bosch Counter Depth fridge suits small spaces perfectly with its 23.5” width and 72 3/8” height. The slim design means a compact fridge yet the interior is well-laid out with multiple shelves, including a built-in wine rack or bottle rack.

The freezer is located in the bottom of this fridge and has three different drawers for easier storage. The depth of the Bosch is 25 ¾” not including the doors and handles. The crisper is humidity controlled to keep your fruits and vegetables longer.


  • Slim design to fit into tight spaces/smaller kitchens
  • Modern stainless steel fits into many kitchen décor plans
  • Freezer is divided into three compartments for better organization
  • Added wine rack makes wise use of space
  • ​Doors are flat so they do not add a lot of bulk to the refrigerator
  • Easy access to refrigerated foods since freezer is located in the bottom


  • Price point a little on the high end considering the sizing
  • Only 12.5 cubic feet of storage space overall, not ideal for larger families
  • Freezer is not very spacious
  • ​No icemaker or water dispenser
  • Slightly taller than standard refrigerators, therefore more overhead room needed

3. GE Profile PWE23KMKES Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

The slate colored stainless steel gives a very high-end appearance to this refrigerator. It boasts a 36” width with smooth operating French doors, for added fridge space. It is 31 ¼” in depth including the door, so perfect for many counter depths. There is an internal water dispenser included with this fridge, with a water filtration system to filter out unwanted chemicals from drinking water.

The three available temperature settings allow you to choose the perfect temperature for your foods and the color LED lights inform you which temperature you are using. The wide freezer in the bottom holds more than the slim design counter depth refrigerators on the market.


  • Wide 3-foot width allows for more spacious storage
  • French doors are both stylish and very functional
  • ​Built in water dispenser with filter
  • ​Multiple temperature settings available
  • ​Slate stainless steel color won’t show as many handprints
  • Adjustable shelves to customize the storage space
  • Very large 23.1 cubic foot capacity
  • Energy Star rated


  • Price point on the higher end, may be out of range for some people
  • Wide width means you must have the existing space for it or be remodeling your kitchen to accommodate a wider fridge
  • Bottom freezer is large which means bending and digging through to find frozen items

4. Summit Ingenious (FF1935PLIM) 30" Counter Depth Top Freezer Refrigerator

You won’t be disappointed by all that this fridge has to offer. It is 27” in depth, allowing for a seamless fit within your cabinetry. The platinum finish is very modern and won’t show dirty fingerprints as easily as stainless steel.

There is a mini-door in front to allow easy access to the fridge for things you use frequently, such as milk. An icemaker comes factory installed with this fridge and the many shelves are adjustable to accommodate all your storage needs. It comes equipped with a door alarm which sounds off if the door is left open for more than a minute, which as a mother of 7 kids I can totally appreciate!


  • Modern, clean platinum design
  • Mini-door in front means less opening and closing of main doors and losing cool air
  • Frost-free operation means no more manual defrosting
  • A decent 18.12 cubic foot capacity
  • Icemaker for quick access to ice cubes any time
  • ​Many shelves to customize the storage space for your foods
  • Crisper drawers are humidity controlled
  • ​Has “Holiday Mode” for when you are away from home, to save energy
  • ​Door alarm ensures the fridge never gets left open for extended periods
  • ​Freezer located in the top for easier viewing and access
  • Mid-range price point


  • Height is slightly taller than standard fridges, requiring more overhead space
  • Even though there is an icemaker, there is no water dispenser
  • ​Freezer capacity isn’t as large as some bottom drawer models
  • Due to taller height, you may have difficulty reaching into the freezer for items

5. Fisher Paykel (RF135BDLX4) Stainless Steel Counter Depth Refrigerator

With it’s sleek design and shortened height, this fridge will streamline well into most kitchen designs. The stainless steel finish is modern and trendy, while the overall features are functional. The flat doors hide the hinges to add even further to a smoothly finished kitchen, and also don’t add bulk to the depth. It boasts an alarm for both the fridge and freezer should the doors be left open accidentally, preventing food loss.

This fridge is equipped with ActiveSmart Technology which monitors the use of the fridge and freezer and will adjust operations to suit each home. The freezer is located in the bottom portion of the appliance. The shelves are fully adjustable to customize the interior storage space of your fridge.


  • Shortened height at 67.5” means it fits most kitchens in height without allowing additional overhead space
  • Flat doors give a smoother look, and won’t bulk out past cabinetry
  • ​Alarm sounds to alert a door is open on either the fridge or freezer
  • Mid-range price point
  • Width of 25” means easier storage of wider items than a slim design model


  • Only 13.5 cubic foot capacity, may not be ideal for larger families
  • Shorter than standard refrigerators so may leave a gap between overhead cabinets
  • ​Not water dispenser or icemaker included
  • Stainless Steel shows more smudges and handprints than other finishes

In Conclusion

While all the refrigerators reviewed would make a great addition to your kitchen design, I would choose the GE Profile Refrigerator with French Doors as the best counter depth refrigerator. It has a large enough capacity to accommodate families as well as individuals or couples, plus an attractive platinum exterior coloring which sets it apart from the standard stainless steel collections.

With a wider width and French doors, platters and trays would easily fit in and out of the fridge as well. Since it boasts a water dispenser with an effective filtration system, you would save money on buying bottled water for your family as well.

The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator for Your Kitchen
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