Can You Freeze Liverwursts? Here Are The Top Tips You Need!

Can You Freeze Liverwurst


What’s up homemakers and chefs? How has your refrigerator storage been recently? I bet a ton of meat and cold cuts are currently piled up in your freezer. I know this because I have always had the same dilemma.

It is right that we make sure there’s some source of protein in our freezers all the time. It’s nice to have reserved meat that you can quickly whip up for dinner. Sausages, bratwursts, and liverwursts, for instance, are some good staple.

But how do we manage these sausages to keep them fresh and juicy when cooked? Can you freeze liverwurst so you can save them for much later use? This article is a collection of some useful facts about liverwursts and how to take good care of them.​

Freeze Liverwursts

About Liverwursts And Sausage Storage

Sausages, like most common cold cuts and meat, have a relatively shorter shelf life. This is in comparison with other types of food.

The period sausages can be kept fresh depends on some factors. One of them, and is probably the most important of all, is the ingredients.

We know that this kind of processed meat can only be special if you add in herbs and spices. For liverwursts specifically, there are some spices used to achieve its taste.

Origin Of Liverwurst​

Origin Of Liverwurst​

Liverwursts come from Germany, as the name suggests. According to, these liver sausages are mound up with salt, pepper, sage, marjoram and allspice.

Although it is named liver, it still has a mix of pork shoulders for varied taste and texture. Some recipes even put in ground beef to get a distinct flavor. And believe it or not, some creative cooks add mushrooms in it too.

Other European countries also have other varieties as they prefer a full array of spices. They also pair it with different types of bread and sides.

Since there are different types regarding preparation and desired flavors, it’s imperative that the storage techniques vary too.

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Can You Freeze Liverwurst?​

Can You Freeze Liverwurst?​

So the question is, “Is it okay to freeze liverwursts for later use?” The quick answer is yes. It is only a matter of preparing the sausage by wrapping it up properly before freezing.

Wrapping it is only one of the few important steps that you cannot miss. Remember that even when meat is in the freezer, there is still a possibility for it to spoil.

Also, the temperature can ruin the consistency of the sausage even when they are in casings. This might lead to the breakdown of the meat during frying or grilling. suggests the following tips keep the liverwursts fresh.​

How To Freeze Liverwurst​

How To Freeze Liverwurst

  • First is by keeping them in airtight containers and making sure the containers are sealed well. This will not only maintain the liver sausages fresh but will verify that the texture doesn’t get ruined.

If you do not have airtight containers available, there are other similar materials you can use. Resealable bags is just one.

  • If you do not have airtight containers available, there are other similar materials you can use. Resealable bags is just one.
  • You know those plastic bags that you can use to marinate your meat in sauces? That’s the thing. You have to make sure it is freezer-friendly, though. Not all plastic bags do well inside the freezer for long hours or days.
  • Another alternative is aluminum foil. It is widely known that almost all kinds of food are kept fresh using foil. The aluminum material withholds extreme temperatures both hot and cold.
  • Compared to the other materials mentioned, it is cheaper too. Plus, you can readily buy it from convenience stores and your local drugstore.
  • Aside from preparing it in containers and making sure they are sealed, another significant thing you can’t miss is in the refrigerator itself. I am talking about adjusting the temperatures. Most refrigerators and freezers have switches and knobs that indicate specific temperatures.

The Right Temperature

The Right Temperature

For liverwursts and other meat, the best is always zero degrees and not warmer than that. This is especially important if you want to keep the sausages in your freezer for long like a few weeks or a month or so.

Now what if you are storing a huge amount of liverwursts, perhaps for a business? This will be a different case. It would be advisable for you to have a separate freezer for your sausages.

The idea is, if too much meat is crammed up inside a freezer in the refrigerator, the temperature doesn’t even out. This happens most especially when the freezer does not have its door in the fridge.

So, if you’re planning to supply liverwursts to customers and have it on a massive scale, then you should get a separate freezer. It could be either an upright type or a chest type.


So there you have it—a few important things to remember for freezing liverwursts. I hope this answers your question and helps you fix your storage system.

If you have any questions and feedbacks, feel free to comment down below. Good luck!​


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