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How Long Does Pasta Last In The Fridge?

Pasta is probably one of the easiest foods to prepare. Who doesn’t like pasta, anyway? It’s so versatile, easy to make (whether you’re opening a store bought package of dried pasta or whipping up some homemade) and easy to cook! But sometimes we just get over ourselves and make too much (especially during holidays and […]

How To Reheat Lobster: The Best Ways To Enjoy It While Hot

​ Do you have lobster that has been sitting in the fridge? Or maybe, have you taken out a lobster dish from last night’s fancy dinner? In this post, we will let you know how to reheat lobster, making it easy for you to enjoy its meat while it is hot! There are several ways […]

How To Reheat Shrimp: A Guide To Making Leftovers Hot!

I hate eating shrimp that is frozen, or at least one that has been left at room temperature for a while. This leads to losing flavor and texture, making it less delicious. Do you hate this situation as well? If yes, keep on reading the rest of this post and know how to reheat shrimp.While […]

The Best Substitute For Tomato Paste That You Can Use

When you have a recipe that needs the Tomato Paste and you don’t have any in the house, what can you do to Substitute For Tomato Paste? There are other things that you can be used as substitute for the paste. Some of the things include the ketchup and the Tomato Sauce. Their consistency is […]

Aloha Styles: How To Make Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki

Aloha, everyone! Let me take you a little taste of summer in the oriental. If you are thinking of a meal that you could eat every single day without getting used to it, then this recipe may cease those timeless thinking of what to cook for yourself or friends and family.Because summer is approaching and […]

Coconut Lime Tart

Coconut and lime is one of those combination that becomes a total to-go when nothing comes into mind.The creaminess of coconut compliments the freshness and sourness of limes and creates a real magic with regard to texture and taste. Here we use fit fat coconut milk instead of dairy or heavy cream for a lighter […]

Chop Suey vs Chow Mein: A Food Face-Off

Chop suey and chow mein are two tasty foods that originated in China, though there are some that argue that chop suey is an American-Chinese cuisine. Rest assured these two food preparations have Chinese roots in them. We will examine both of these preparations in this food-face-off article so that we can see their differences […]

Can You Freeze Liverwursts? Here Are The Top Tips You Need!

IntroductionWhat’s up homemakers and chefs? How has your refrigerator storage been recently? I bet a ton of meat and cold cuts are currently piled up in your freezer. I know this because I have always had the same dilemma.It is right that we make sure there’s some source of protein in our freezers all the […]

How To Reheat Deep Dish Pizza: Your Guide To A Mouthwatering Treat

Many of you will agree when I say that deep dish pizza is one of the best pizzas ever! It may seem sinful, but it is bursting with distinct flavors that will explode in your mouth. However, there are some instances wherein it may not be as tasty as it should be, especially when it […]

How Long Does Sesame Oil Last? Shelf Life Expiration Date

Sesame oil is pretty similar to that of other vegetable oils. So the answer to the question ‘how long does sesame oil last’ is pretty obvious. After you open the container of the sesame oil, its shelf life is not very long. It can get rancid only in a few months much unlike other kinds […]

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