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13 Cumin Substitute Ideas: That Will Make You A Spice Wizard!

Cumin—does that sound familiar to you? If you love Mexican, Indian, Malaysian, or African dishes, then we bet you are well familiar with this well-loved spice! Anyone who loves these international cuisines, then you most probably know how to distinguish its earthy and nutty flavor with a touch of citrus taste. However, not all of us notice such flavors because for some cumin is just bitter tasting.

Because of this, it can be quite difficult for you to cook for your families and friends if the bitter taste of cumin prevents them from enjoying your well-beloved cuisines. Well, lucky for you, there are a few cumin substitute options that will allow you to achieve the cumin flavors you want minus its slightly bitter taste.

Oh, these cumin substitute options will also come handy during those times when you do not have this treasured spice on hand. So, are you ready to know what these possible substitutes are? Well, read on below!​

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12 Amazing Substitutes For Goat Cheese You’ll Love

Goat cheese is one of the most popular and widely used types of cheese in the world. However, it is also one of the vivers that most people tend to either love or hate (At least it is one of my favorite cheese, if not favorite).

But if you thought those amazing Greek and Italian recipes were just meant to be looked at and not tried only because you are not very fond of goat cheese, then it's time to think again.

We have brought you 12 delicious substitutes for goat cheese. These cheeses not only serve as amazing alternatives but are also either similar in texture or in taste, appealing to anyone who might have aversion to goat cheese.

So what are you all waiting for? Get your cookbooks out, we've got some cooking to do. Let’s go!​

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