Healthy Teeth and Healthy Food? How to Do It!

Healthy Teeth and Healthy Food

Your teeth play an essential role in your body. They are responsible for the chewing or grinding of food which makes it easily digestible. Your teeth also help determine your overall appearance because without them, you cannot wear that beautiful smile. Taking proper care of your teeth is essential to keep them in good shape. A variety of things can affect the state of this part of your body. Bacteria that forms on your teeth bring about cavities, gum infection, and decay. They usually buildup as a result of food remains on your teeth which creates an ideal environment for them to coexist.

One procedure you should carry out is brushing which is a common activity most people do every day. It helps in getting rid of food remnants that harbor bacteria from your teeth. You should do it correctly by using the right toothbrush and paste. Make sure you brush after every meal or at least twice a day. Flossing can help get rid of dirt from areas like the spaces in between your teeth where you can’t reach with your normal brush. You should also go for regular dental checkups which are essential in preventing the spread or emergence of different oral conditions. Look for a wonderful dental clinic where you can have your teeth checked up.

The kind of food you consume is vital for the general well-being of your teeth. Sugary foods have been linked to tooth decay and the formation of cavities. Bacteria on your teeth leads to the wearing out of your teeth after breaking down sugars in the food you eat to produce acids. Your enamel will start becoming weak with time, and you will develop cavities or experience tooth decay. Avoiding sugary foods is essential for healthy teeth. You should come up with a proper meal plan that is made up of a healthy diet.

The Right Nutrients for Healthy Teeth

Here are some of the nutrients that should be part of your meal plan if you want to develop strong and healthy teeth.


This nutrient is essential for the development of strong and healthy bones. Your teeth and jaws will be much stronger when you include calcium in your diet. This essential nutrient is available in cheese, milk, beans, oysters, and yogurt. You should include them in your diet plan to develop strong teeth and stay free from conditions such as tooth decay.

Set of food that is rich in calcium

Set of food that is rich in calcium.

Vitamin C

It is one ingredient essential for the development of strong and healthy gums. Your gums play a crucial role in the health of your mouth. Lack of vitamin C results in bleeding gums, and your teeth may become loose as a result. You will find this essential nutrient in fruits such as oranges and lemons. Raw red pepper and sweet potatoes also have high levels of this nutrient. Including such foods in your diet plan will make you develop strong and healthy teeth.

Foods High in vitamin C


This is another great nutrient that helps in the development of strong and healthy teeth. Combining it with a calcium-rich diet will help you develop stronger bones and teeth. You will find it in foods such as fish, lean meat, nuts, dairy, eggs, and beans. Including it in your diet plan helps you develop strong and healthy teeth.

set of food that is rich in phosphorus

Vitamin D

It is a nutrient that is vital for the absorption of calcium in your body. You are at high risk of experiencing burning mouth syndrome if you consume a diet that is low in Vitamin D. Some of the symptoms you will experience include a dry mouth coupled with a raw metallic taste. You should include vitamin D in your diet for your body to have a smooth time absorbing calcium essential for the development of strong and healthy teeth. It is available in foods such as fish and eggs.

Foods rich in vitamin D

There are also other nutrients you should consume in minimal amounts to keep your teeth in good shape. Carbohydrates or starch are some of them. They contain high levels of sugar which contribute to tooth decay and the formation of cavities. You should go slow on the consumption of foods such as pasta, bread, and chips to stay free from different oral infections. Carbonated soft drinks also affect the well-being of your teeth to a certain extent. Soda contains high levels of sugar which may lead to the wearing out of your teeth. They might even become stained with time. Limiting their intake puts you in a good place. Coming up with a weekly meal plan that is made up of a healthy diet will help ensure your teeth are in good shape all the time.

Other Procedures to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Apart from consuming a healthy diet, you should try out several other procedures that help keep your teeth in good shape. Here are some of them.

Fluoride Treatment

Undergoing fluoride treatment will help ensure that your teeth are in the right state all the time. Fluoride is a mineral commonly used in dentistry to strengthen the enamel. It is present in a wide range of dental care products such as toothpaste, and you will find them in several amounts. Fluoride meant for dental procedures supposed to be carried out once in a while is usually in high amounts. Fluoride varnish is one example of the products with a high level of the mineral and is commonly used by dentists during such procedures. Make sure you undergo fluoride treatment once in a while to leave your teeth strong and in good shape.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Drink More Water

Drinking water has also proved to be beneficial in keeping your teeth healthy. This is because it contains some levels of fluoride, which helps in strengthening the enamel and getting rid of bacteria from your teeth. You should include water in your diet plan when coming up with one that is made up of healthy meals.

Deep Cleaning

It is another ideal procedure that helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Your dentist may recommend you undergo the procedure after carrying out a checkup and establishing that there is plaque and bacteria buildup on your teeth. Plaque is the hard dirt that cannot be removed through brushing. A dentist uses tools like a scraper and other products that are essential during the process. Prophy paste is one of the products vital for such a procedure. It can be used during polishing to soften the surface of your teeth after undergoing deep cleaning. You should go for the procedure twice in a year to keep your teeth in good shape.

Seeking Fast Treatments

Preventive dentistry is essential in ensuring that your teeth are in the perfect state all the time. There are times you may detect a particular condition on your teeth in its early stages. Waiting for it to escalate is not the best option because it may reach a point where you are unable to treat it. You will also incur a lot of expenses in treating your condition. Visit a dentist immediately to have your state examined and treated. Coupling all these practices with a healthy diet will help ensure your teeth are in good shape all the time.


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