How To Cook Triggerfish? You’ve Got Many Best Ways To Do So

how to cook triggerfish

Fried fish is so common. Why not consider other ways to cook fish? How about with triggerfish? Cooking triggerfish in ways you don’t actually think as possible could be considered. Stop your fried fish habit but give way to these special ways whether how to cook triggerfish.

Before, triggerfish exclusively remained inside the aquarium. But, since cooks and chefs found ways on how to turn it into a delicious dish that you will definitely enjoy, triggerfish could also be served on a dining table. Indeed, it has a deliciously fine flavor into it. And the remarkable part is that triggerfish could leave a sweetish savour on your tongue. It is something worth your taste, right?

Since it is just being discovered by chefs to be a food, restaurants would rarely serve triggerfish but how I wish for it to be included on most menus these days.​


But What Is This Triggerfish?

Triggerfish are species which live near the coral reefs in most tropical areas. They got their name from the way they would lock their spine on the dorsal fins once they are alarmed.

Occasionally, fresh triggerfish could be found at the market once you live near the seacoast. They are also light and thin fillets having a mild flavor which is indeed suitable for frying, broiling, baking and more.

How To Cook Triggerfish? You Have To Try These Ways Below​

So you are also wondering whether how to cook triggerfish? Well, there could be numbers of ways on how to do so. Now, let us take a look to some of the best ways of cooking triggerfish leading to extraordinary and mouth-watering dishes ready to be served on your table.

Watch this to learn about cleaning and preparing triggerfish:​



Why grilling? Well, it is a type of cooking that would give off fantastic and smoky flavor to the fish. I would prefer this kind of cooking triggerfish as the firm flesh of the fish would stand up to the direct heat given by the grill.

How about the grates? Well, it gives the fish beautiful char marks making it more appetizing to eat. I suggest that you better cut the triggerfish into fillets for it to be cooked faster.​

For some tips on how to grill the triggerfish, consider the following:​

  • There is a need to make sure that the grates of the grill are clean. Take a steel scrub and also some detergent in the water. Rub the grates with these and fish fillets wouldn’t stick to a grill that is clean.
  • So far, the best grill for triggerfish that you could ever try is a charcoal grill. The smoke that comes off from it would penetrate the fish. It would give the delicate flavor of the triggerfish.
  • Then, preheat the grill. You might see many people who would think that it is the fire that would cook the food. Oh, that’s a big mistake! It would be the heat in the grates and also the smoke that will cook it.
    So why do you have to preheat the grill? Well, simply because you want to get enough heat in the grates and you also want to reach the smoking point.
  • There is also a need to make sure that you dry the fish using kitchen towels prior to laying it on the grill. You wouldn’t want the fish to stick on the grates, right?


Deep Fried

Another great way on how to cook triggerfish is to deep-fry it. It could be a bit different with your usual fried fish. Deep frying the triggerfish fillet will create an excellent crust which would keep the moisture of the fish inside the flesh. It will then lead to a wonderfully succulent as well as juicy fish that even kids will definitely enjoy.

Do you want to know its secret? Well, the key here is to simply preheat the pot and the oil to the right degree. In addition, it is as well important to use oil having high smoking point such as soya oil as the best example.​

For ways on how to do so, the steps are as follow:​

  • Preheat the oil up to 350 degrees. Once you have no thermometer, you could look for the smoke that comes from the oil.
  • Create the frying station. Have some all-purpose flour on the plate then have it seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and salt. You could also consider cracking some eggs into a deep dish or pour some Japanese bread crumbs on your plate.
  • After that, slice the triggerfish to two inches squares. Each square will be dredge in the flour, then the egg and the breadcrumbs finally.
  • Now, deep-fry the fillets in the oil for about 3 minutes.
  • Finally, take out the fish and dry off the excess oil using kitchen towels.



So how are you going to roast in the oven? Well, most typically, it could be when you are to put dry ingredients and then wait for it to be cooked. But in the case of triggerfish, roasting would give this fish the robust burst of flavor once you bite into it.

Do you want a trick? First, approach it in a minimalist manner. You definitely don’t want to mask the flavor of this fish having too many ingredients. You also need to go with the cooking standard of ten minutes for one inch thick of fish fillet or simply do the touch technique. Feel the center of the fish and once it is firm, finally it’s cooked!​

For roasting as a way on how to cook triggerfish, consider these ways:​

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Season the triggerfish with pepper and salt.
  • Chop some herbs which go with white fish. You have wide options such as parsley, basil, marjoram, dill and oregano and then sprinkle herbs on the fish.
  • With some butter, line a baking tray.
  • Place the fish on the dish and lay the triggerfish in the middle part of the oven and accordingly roast.

Pan-Seared Triggerfish Fillet

Pan-Seared Triggerfish Fillet

And another great way to enjoy triggerfish is pan-searing. This could be something that you might as well enjoy since it could be very simple to do.

Did you know that the high heat from pan searing would create a crust on the outside? It is mouth-watering and delicious, right? The coating traps all the fish moisture. It will lead to a moist and juicy dish. And in addition, use clarified butter or peanut oil as best options for searing.

For the steps on how to cook triggerfish through pan-searing, consider the following:​

  • Knowing that this involves quick cooking, there is a need to get the fish up to room temperature.
  • You simply have to season it with freshly ground black pepper, salt and also a squeeze of lemon juice. Simply let it sit for 5 minutes allowing the fish to absorb the seasonings.
  • Over medium to high heat, place a pan on the stove. Pour in some butter or oil in it as well.
  • If the oil is hot enough then sear the fish on one side for about two minutes. Then flip the fish and sear it for another minute or two.
  • And at this point, the triggerfish must be cooked. Of course, take it out the pan already.

Wow! There could really be numbers of ways on how to cook triggerfish, right? With the abovementioned ways of cooking the said fish, preparing a fascinating and delicious fish dish could be a lot easier and faster. Indeed, there are endless possibilities knowing that the fish is versatile enough.

For additional ways on how to catch, clean and cook triggerfish, simply watch this:​

So, did you enjoy the above given ways of cooking triggerfish? I really hope you do so! And if you have anything you want to share, simply write your comments or suggestions below.


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