How To Make Amazing Shrooms From Your Garden

how to make shrooms

Maybe you are an avid gardener who always loves to experiment with new types of plants, flowers, and crops in your lovely garden. From fruits to vegetables to even herbs, you have already done your fair share of growing all sorts of abundant and different items from your own backyard.

That said, perhaps you are interested in taking the next step forward and trying your hand at growing mushrooms. More specifically, you are keen on growing “shrooms,” as they call it. Also known as “psilocybin mushrooms”, these interestingly-shaped fungi have powerful, hallucinogenic properties which have been used both recreational and medicinally, which can be a very interesting experiment for you to try out, even if you do not end up eating them!

In this article, we will show you how you can go about growing shrooms from your garden. Soon enough, you will be growing them like no other. With that said, let us get started!


Things You Will Need For This Tutorial

While seemingly a complex product, you might be very surprised to discover that it is incredibly easy to grow shrooms in your very own garden. With just a few essential ingredients, you will be covered for the cultivating and harvesting processes. Here are some things you will need for this tutorial:

1. Magic Mushroom Growing Kit​

While it might be difficult to obtain a magic mushroom growing kit depending on where you are in the world (i.e. it might be illegal in some countries or states to grow shrooms), you can most likely find it online. Granted, this particular item will be the hardest to access, but in the end, it will work out.

2. Water​

Considered the essence of life, water is necessary to have in order for the shrooms to grow big, fat, and happy. Really, shrooms are just like any other plant or crop out there, for it needs good fertilizer and plenty of water to be cultivated. They thrive especially in moist areas since after all, they are fungi.

3. Plastic Bag​

Mushrooms in plastic bags

This specific item may or may not come along with the magic mushroom growing kit, but all the same, it should be designed so that enough air can get into the bag for the fungi to cultivate and grow to their maximum potential.

4. Enough Sunlight

Again, just like water, shrooms need a good amount of sunlight in order to grow properly. Without enough sunlight, they will not turn out as well as you had expected them to be. In addition, it is also important that they do not get too much sunlight, since it can actually impeded their growth process.

How To Make Shrooms From Your Garden?

With all of your ingredients gathered, it is now time to get right down to growing shrooms! Considering that you are starting out with a magic mushroom growing kit, it cuts down on all of the hard work that you might otherwise have to do if you had to start from complete scratch.In any case, here are the steps in order to make shrooms from your garden:

1. Water The Growing Kit​

First things first, you will need to add water to your magic mushroom growing kit. Before doing so, it is imperative that you wash your hands and/or otherwise make sure that they are clean before you go about handling the shroom kit. Just like with any other crop out there, you would not want your hands to be dirty when touching things that just might eventually be put into your stomach for nourishment.

That said, open the lid of the kit and add lukewarm water to the soil until it just about covers the surface of the soil. If it helps, you can also poke some holes into the soil for the water to get more easily absorbed into it, for a more-enriching experience. Cover the lid of the kit afterwards.

Next, you will put the watered kit in a dark area for a few hours (around four to twelve hours) to let the water soak in and begin activating the substance of the shrooms. Once that short period of time has lapsed, you can then open the lid and pour out any excess water left in the kit.

2. Put The Kit In A Plastic Bag​

Once again, if the magic mushroom growing kit did not come with a plastic bag, any other plastic bag will do. However, the most important thing is that the bag offers enough CO2 to get in, or at least enough air to filter through to cultivate the shrooms.

As previously mentioned, shrooms grow well in moist environments, so adding a bit of water into the plastic bag itself can be beneficial for better enhancing their growth.

3. Place It In A Decently-lit Place​

Place It In A Decently-lit Place

Now, it is imperative that you do not place your soon-to-be shrooms in direct sunlight, for it can cause problems with their growth, thereby making it inefficient. In fact, shrooms (any mushrooms, in general) tend to thrive the best in cool, dark, and damp environments, so having just a bit of sunlight is the best way to go. Keeping it at room temperature is acceptable as well.

4. Wait For Them To Cultivate​

Even though you be impatient and would like your shrooms to grow as fast as possible, in the end patience is a virtue. Normally, it will take about seven to ten days for the mycelium inside of the kit to be activated; thereafter, it will take an extra seven to ten days for them to grow and mature into actual mushrooms. That said, expect a total of two weeks for a single cycle of growth.

However, that growth cycle only applies to the very first batch that you put out: should you decide to continue making more shrooms, you will find that the second, third, and overall future batches will take less time to go from budding to harvest, about a week in total.​​

5. Harvest Them​

Harvest-Shrooms-Harvest Them

Once you see the caps of your shrooms just about coming into place, you will know that they are ready to be harvested. Wash your hands to keep things sanitary and twist the mushrooms out from the ground; make sure that you get each and every one of them, even those that are super tiny. From then, you can choose to continue producing more batches.

6. Dry Them​

Once you have harvested your shrooms, you have the option of either storing them for a few days, using them fresh, or drying them. Dried shrooms last longer than fresh ones, for they can keep up to a year. You can set up a dehydrating climate to do so, but make sure that it is not too hot, or else the ingredients inside of them will begin to wear down.​


Overall, growing your own shrooms does not have to be hard work. Really, with a bit of time and patience, you can set about producing some amazing and powerful fungi from your own garden.

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