How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

how to not get fat while pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the best and hardest experiences a woman is bound to experience. It is not at all easy for a woman to have all those changes in her body. And it could get worse as people around her puts nothing but pressure on her. There’s pressure for her to be able to raise a kid while taking care of herself at the same time.

A lot of women go asking questions like how to not get fat while pregnant. And they ask this not because they are vain, but because they are expected to be still beautiful.

So what is it that a woman needs to do to watch her diet while the bun is in the oven? Read on and find out.

What You Need To Know​

What You Need To Know

First of all, you have to know that gaining weight is okay, but gaining too much weight is not. Aside from the pressure of staying beautiful, you need to look out for your health. As much as you want to satisfy all those cravings, you still need a little bit of discipline.

You can always talk to your doctor about your pregnancy weight. The doctor will tell you how much gain you are allowed to have to stay healthy. You can use this as a target limit and start working from there.

Now is the perfect time to have an excuse to get all the food you want, yes. But certain conditions may put you and the baby to risk. So, what are thing things you need to keep in mind and make count?

The following are the right kind of food you will need to go through with the pregnancy healthily.​

Fruits And Vegetables

This is quite a no-brainer. You know for a fact that a pregnant woman needs to have a daily dose of fresh fruit and vegetables. According to, you will need fiber-rich fruits and veggies specifically.

The idea is that these fiber-rich foods including legumes and whole grains trick your brain into thinking that you are full. This way, you will no longer have cravings for fatty and unhealthy foods.

Alternative Recipes

If you are monitoring your weight gain, you have to be creative and experimental regarding food. You have to find alternative recipes for your unhealthy cravings.

I know this sounds hard, but a little bit of research is all you need. Like I said, you need creativity so that you do not have to deprive yourself completely. For instance, if you have been longing to have sweets, you can opt for the “healthier sugar.”

You do not always have to buy everything in the grocery store. The more you can prepare it yourself and go for all-natural ingredients, the better. There are a ton of different mix and match recipes you can find on the Internet and in cookbooks. Resourcefulness is the key.​

Fitness Plan

Fitness Plan

This is not that necessary for all pregnant women and is called for on a case-to-case basis. Some soon-to-be mommies are into a condition that is more sensitive than others. Some people need the go signal of their doctors to push through with exercising.

If you are cleared and are allowed to do pregnant fitness training, then I highly suggest you go for it. It will not only help you maintain average weight, but it will help you with your labor. You do not need an intense plan; a few stretches here and there would be enough.

One of the most popular exercises for pregnant women is yoga. It does not only help your muscles shape up, but it also helps relax your mind.​

How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

Start With A Healthy Weight

Before you begin any “method” for avoiding that dreaded weight gain, start things right. Make sure that your base weight is in the right range for your height, age and body condition.

According to Baby Center, an excellent base weight goes well with the prescribed prenatal vitamins that you take. Knowing your starting body mass will also help you start monitoring your gain per week of your baby’s growth.

Eat Frequently In Small Amounts

This has always worked for those who want to lose or maintain weight. Instead of indulging in one heavy meal, cut your food intake into two or three little meals. This will help you not overeat and crave for more food.

If you don’t want to eat too frequently, plan on having one massive meal and then two small ones. Again, this is a matter of creativity. As long as you prepare the best mix of go, grow and glow, you will be fine.​

Always Hydrate!

I am pretty sure that your doctor could not emphasize this tip enough. All pregnant women are required and expected to drink lots of water every day. Hydrating helps both the mother and the baby survive the pregnancy well. Both need oxygen in this risky period.

Baby Center states that The Institute of Medicine recommends at least 8 ounces of water for ten times daily. And this number should be the minimum. If you are a working pregnant mommy, you will need more as your body uses more energy.​

Satisfy Your Cravings Carefully

Like I mentioned earlier, it is important that you do not deprive yourself of food you want. Doing this will only make you feel bad about being pregnant. You do not need that feeling especially in times when you do not feel beautiful.

The answer is to respond to your cravings, but with caution. Pick the ingredients that will both make you happy and healthy. There are endless ways to do this. Frances Largeman-Roth, an author, shared her secret to Baby Center. She said she mixes one healthy food to one that is less healthy. That can work for you.​

Choose The Right Kind Of Carbohydrates

I perfectly understand that it is hard for a pregnant woman to resist carbs altogether. Well, you do not have to battle it out. The key is to choose the right alternatives that still count as carbs.

For instance, instead of white bread and white rice, go for brown rice and whole wheat bread. It will make you fuller, and you will not have to eat too much of it. That is hitting two birds!


I hope you enjoyed these tips that I shared with you. Not getting fat while pregnant is indeed possible. It is just a matter of motivation and perseverance. Plus, it is important that you always think about what is healthiest for both you and your baby.

Pregnancy is the best because it is an opportunity to give life to a human being. And it is the hardest because giving life is a huge challenge. But this challenge does not have to be depressing.

Remember that food deprivation could lead to your depression. You do not want to pass on the sadness to your little one—they can feel it! So eat, but eat healthily!

If you want more advice, you may also check out And, if you have questions and comments, feel free to write them down below.


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