Mauviel Vs. All Clad: The Best Cookware You Would Ever Need

You probably watched different cooking shows on TV and seen the real beauty of various cookware sets such as copper and stainless steel. On the other hand, you have also heard that copper is not easy to care for and most of the working kitchens in the world utilize stainless steel instead of a copper.

You are also aware that high quality copper cookware including Mauviel is more likely to cost far more than those high-end stainless steel brands including All Clad.

Now, you are perhaps interested in the copper cookware and want to know the winner between Mauviel vs. All Clad. Well, the long wait is finally over because we will give you the comparison that will surely make buying decision a much easier one. 


Why Mauviel Copper Cookware?


Whether you are a professional chef or just love to cook different dishes, you will surely find investing in Mauviel copper cookware a wise decision. Among the different choices of cookware that you can find in the market, Mauviel copper cookware sets are very popular.

  • Copper is among the best materials used for cookware because of the fact that it conducts heat quickly and uniformly. This is perhaps the main reason why many home cooks and chefs choose copper sets because the heat transfers via the sides and base of the pan quickly.
  • Since it conducts heat well, either sauces or foods can be cooked at controlled temperature as precisely as possible most especially the range top cooking. Because of this, majority of demanding home cooks and professionals prefer to use it.

Things To Know When Shopping For Mauviel Copper Cookware

When shopping for Mauviel copper cookware, the following are some of the things you should know.​

  • Mauviel cookware already stood the test of time and set standards against the newer technologies.
  • Mauviel is made in France of copper, which is a kind of material prized because of its ability when it comes to transferring heat quickly, distributing it evenly, and cooling rapidly.
  • Known both for its high quality and for its unique design.
  • Unlike other cookware, Mauviel offers much better control, thus offering best results on the table.
  • Completely-oven safe.
  • Lasts a longer period of time, so you can keep it looking beautifully by simply polishing its copper surface.
  • It has the ability to heat evenly, which in turn allows for better cooking results either for sautéing or frying.

When you purchase Mauviel, expect that you are also purchasing utensils for life since every product is guaranteed for life. Mauviel copper pans and pots come in different materials and lines to fit different personalities and styles, and most of all, are of excellent quality, so you can be sure that they will last in the kitchen for many years to come.

But wait, there is more. The battle between Mauviel vs. All Clad continues as we give you the reasons that make All Clad a good investment too.​

All Clad Cookware​

All Clad Cookware


Amateur and professional chefs alike highly recommend All Clad because of its superb quality.

  • Satisfied users admire not only its exceptional heat conduction, but also its functional design, and most of all, its durability.
  • It is a wise choice for most users because of its patented heat conditioning aluminium core from cookware’s bottom and goes up to the sides of the utensils for an evenly distributed cooking.

What Makes All Clad Cookware Stand Out?

All Clad cookware is branded for all the specialty stores in different parts of the world including Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, and United States. Few things are there that make All Clad special such as the special handles and the exterior and interior finishes.

Here are some of the features that make All Clad cookware one of a kind:​

Each item in All Clad cookware set mainly features a uniquely designed stay-cool handle

The handle is riveted to the cookware’s body and is mainly designed for longer lasting use. Even though the cookware is made of stainless steel, there is nothing to worry about burning your own hands if it is exposed to the cookware’s handle.

Wide varieties of exterior finishes

You have the freedom to choose from magnetic stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, pure aluminum, pure aluminum sandwiched in between the two layers of stainless steel, and copper sandwiched in between the two layers of pure aluminum.​

Interior finish made with a formulation of a 304-grade stainless steel

Everything down to the alloy content, grain sizes as well as other physical properties have been given very special attention. In addition, they are also raised to the highest standards.​

All Clad cookware pieces utilize stainless and non-corrosive rivets to attach its trademark stay-cool handle. Consumers can choose from the different All Clad cookware to suit their budget and preferences.

Are you able to pick the right brand of cookware for your needs? We hope that the comparison between Mauviel vs. All Clad above has given you wider and deeper understanding of the difference between the two. Use that knowledge to make a wise buying decision you will never regret in the end.​

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