Mexican Shredded Cheese: What You Need to Know About Shredded Pieces of Joy

Mexican Shredded Cheese
Burritos with Mexican Shredded Cheese.

For those who like Mexican food, Mexican shredded cheese is something that you should have in your pantry. This assorted mix of popular Mexican cheese used in a wide variety of Mexican dishes like Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, among other non-Mexican dishes.

Mexican shredded cheese is a made by mixing mostly four varieties of popular Mexican cheeses like the natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero and Queso Quesadilla cheese. Shredded cheese packages made it convenient for use in kitchen and the cheese in the blend are ideal for use on hot and cold dishes. Mexican Shred Blend has a rich flavor and excellent melting characteristic.

Growth of Mexican Cheese

Before the arrival of the Europeans in America, they were not used to consuming any dairy products, so cheese making was unknown to the Mesoamerican. When the Spanish conquistadors brought goats and sheep, the dietary habit was changed. The Spanish also introduced techniques to make cheeses. With time they started modifying cheeses to suit mestizo taste. This led to the production of a variety of cheeses in Mexico. Nowadays, Mexican cheeses have become common in the United States and Australia. Many cheese manufacturers are recreating Mexican cheeses to creating distinct taste.

What cheeses are used in Mexican Shredded Cheese?

Mostly, Natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Queso Asadero and Queso Quesadilla are combined to create this heavenly blend.

Natural Cheddar is hard and off-white cheese made of natural milk, salt and sometimes color. It provides mild flavor to the blend.

Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese made using cow’s milk and aged for about a month. It has a mild flavor with a slight sweetness which compliments other three kinds of cheese.

Queso Asadero is similar to Monterey Jack but has string cheese texture. This cheese is creamy, smooth and melts quickly without giving off any oil, even at higher temperature and gives the dish perfect texture.

Queso Quesadilla originates from Northern Mexico. The mild taste and creamy texture make this cheese one the versatile cheese which fits with almost every Mexican Speciality.

How to make Mexican Cheese blend at home?

Making shredded Mexican cheese at home is very easy. All you will need is a lot for love for cheese and ingredients I have listed below:


  • 2 Cups Monterey Jack
  • 2 Cups Natural Cheddar
  • ½ Cup Queso Asadero
  • ½ Cup Queso Quesadilla

NOTE: You can also change the quantity of cheese according to your taste preferences.


  • Use a fine grater to shred all the cheeses and store it separately.
  • Combine all the cheese in a bowl and gently mix everything.
  • Now put all the shredded cheese in air tight (Ziplog) bag and store in freeze for later use.

Readymade Solution for Mexican shredded cheese

There are many ready-to-use shredded cheese available in the marketing with various branding. If you are professional chef in Australia looking to buy Mexican shredded cheese in bulk, then you should opt for Pure Dairy’s Mexican Shred Blend. Below is the nutritional information about this product (This is mostly the same for shredded cheese- however check packaging before use).

Nutrition Facts of Mexican Shred Blend

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size


Servings per Pack



1644kj / 100g


21g / 100g


32g / 100g

Saturated Fat

18g / 100g


4g / 100g


4g / 100g

Energy per Serve

1644g / serve

Protein per Serve

21g / serve

Fat Per Serve

32g / serve

Saturated Fat per Serve

18g / serve

Carbohydrates per Serve

4g / serve

Sugars Per Serve

4g / serve


40% Monterey Jack

40% Natural Cheddar Cheese

10% Asadero

10% Queso Quesadilla

Cheese is one of the most precious inventions of human kind – be it in war time or merry times, they have been always at our side providing the much need strength and happiness we need. Leave us your feedback in the comment section below.

Christian Taylor is a cheesemonger at Pure Dairy, Australia – a leading food and dairy products supplier in Australia including the brands: Mexican Shred Blend, The Burger Cheese, Anita Cheese Sauce, Cheese Curds, among others. He can be reached out at


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