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It’s Sizzling Hot! – How To Reheat Bacon Perfectly To Be Hot And Crispy?

how to reheat bacon


If you are a foodie like me, I am sure this is your everyday morning chant. It may seem cliché, but there really are only few food options that can beat the smell of bacon at your morning breakfast table.

While the taste of the fresh bacon remains unbeatable, sometimes you don’t have the time to cook even your favorite breakfast. But you might have leftover bacon in the refrigerator that you can reheat to bring joy to a lazy weekend breakfast or to eat when you are in a hurry to get to your work.

Well, you don’t need to sweat it out anymore! You can now quickly reheat the bacon for in your microwave in just a few seconds or place it in the oven for a few minutes to heat it up. I promise, the bacon will still taste as good as if you have just cooked it now.

All you need to do is take a quick look at this bacon reheating guide that will give you different options available for reheating your bacon, closely follow all my instructions and add your own touch to it (if necessary) and gorge on the ecstasy it will create.

The Things You Will Need

Before you kick it off, here are all the ingredients that you need:

  • Bacon
  • 1 tbsp butter or olive oil (Only if required. You can also use cooking spray!)

Along with the above ingredients, here are some of the basic tools you will be needing:

  • Thick-walled heavy skillet or a frying pan
  • Tongs for flipping the bacon
  • Aluminium foil Baking pan (For oven only)
  • A glass or Pyrex dish (For microwave only)
  • Paper towels or kitchen napkins

Reheat Bacon


Selecting the right kind of bacon might be tricky for somebody who doesn’t even have a clue about the basic difference between ham and bacon. So, before you make a trip to the butchery or a supermarket to pick the meat, it is better to be well equipped with some dos and don’ts of bacon shopping:

The Dos

  • Good quality bacon is not found typically found in your supermarket, next to the sausage in a refrigerator section. The best bacon meat is uncured and unprocessed. It will be either at the meat or deli counter or at the butcher shop where you can find whole slabs of bacon that are uncut. This will give you the advantage of having the bacon cut to your preference.
  • Even the cut bacon at a butcher’s is better than the packaged supermarket one. The packaged bacon needs to have a longer shelf life and is more likely to have preservatives like sodium nitrate. These brands may also add liquid smoke to their bacon instead of actually smoking the bacon.
  • Even if you are purchasing your bacon from the refrigerated section of the store, look for center cut bacon (It’s what I prefer). Made from pork belly cut close to the bone, it comes from the leaner and meatier section of the belly. This bacon has about 30 percent less fat than the standard bacon.

The Dos

The Don’ts

  • You reap what you sow and that is so true with bacon. Don’t go for cheaper bacon options or alternatives. Preparing good bacon takes time. Some of these cheap variants are treated with nitrates. These chemicals, as per WHO (World Health Organization), are the major contributing factor towards the cancer problems caused by food.

Ready to sear? Let’s go!

My Step-by-Step Bacon Cooking Guide

Hot Tip: How long does cooked bacon last in the fridge? I know the question might have bugged you. Well, cooked bacon can usually stay good for 3 to 4 days in the fridge and 4 months in the freezer.

But remember to store it in shallow, airtight containers or some heavy-duty aluminum foil. You can also provide extra cushion by wrapping the cooked bacon in paper towels first.

1. In The Skillet

In The Skillet

The skillet is the best option to get things heated up quickly, if you want a piping hot plate of bacon on your breakfast table.

How to proceed: Take a cast-iron non-stick skillet. (A normal skillet or fry pan would also work. But if you want to sear and not char your bacon, I would recommend a cast-iron one)

Things to Remember:

You should start the bacon reheating bacon process with a cold pan. So, before turning on the heat, lay out the bacon strips in the skillet or fry pan. I would recommend you to place the bacon strips close to each other so that they are touching and crowd the pan a little. This will ease up the cooking as the bacon tends to shrink as it cooks but would not overlap too much.

  • Throw in some bacon and allow it to heat up. As your bacon is already cooked, you can allow it to cook in its own grease or can drizzle a spoon of olive oil or butter.
  • Do not spend a long time reheating the meat. Your bacon will be ready in a couple of minutes.
  • Once you are convinced that the bacon is ready, put off the heat and enjoy.

The skillet method would not work well if you have just taken out the bacon from the refrigerator. It may work if the bacon is slightly cool. You can return it to the skillet for a few minutes to quickly warm it right up.

2. In The Oven

In The Oven

Good News! It is possible to reheat bacon in the oven.

An oven can come in handy when you have a lot of bacon pieces that need to be warmed up in one go. Reheating the meat in the oven is easy, convenient and frees you from the stove-top mess.

So when you are planning to treat your family with a pound or more of bacon for a heavy sunday brunch or want a week of easy meal add-in, the oven is a good option.

How to proceed:

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F.
  • Now place the bacon in a glass or Pyrex dish or baking sheet.
  • Wrap the dish with some aluminum foil.
  • Heat for about 10-20 minutes, depending on how much bacon you have put in to reheat.
  • Check to ensure it is fully reheated to your liking. Take out and enjoy.

If the bacon is coming directly from the freezer and not the fridge, add a couple of minutes to the reheating time.

3. In The Microwave

In The Microwave

The microwave reheating method is a really quick option that will have your bacon reheated in no time. It works best for the times when you just want to fix a few slices of bacon for your salad crumble or for a quick breakfast sandwich.

Although it may require you to use a lot of paper towels, but reheating the bacon in the microwave means zero bacon grease loss, easy clean-up, no splattering and safer handling of the hot bacon tray.

How to proceed:

Cover the plate with a few paper towels. Place the bacon on the paper towel cover plate and set the microwave temperature at 400 degrees F.

Things to Remember: Remember to cover the dish with a foil or paper towels. This will help you prevent the splattering grease of the bacon from creating a mess in your microwave. It will also make it easy for you to take out the bacon because it is already covered.

  • Reheat for 20-60 seconds and at maximum, for 3 minutes on the highest setting. Note that the time can vary depending on your microwave, how many pieces and the amount of bacon you are cooking or if you have taken it out from the fridge.
  • Once it is fully reheated, take out and enjoy.

Don’t leave your cooked bacon at room temperature. Bacteria tends to grow rapidly at temperatures between 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F. Discard the meat if left out for more than 2 hours at room temperature.


Bacon is a great dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner or an add-on to any of the treat for those who enjoy it. While most of us do enjoy having it all fresh, a few times time makes us reheat it. Using the above methods, you can have a great bacon for another day, without all the hassle of being splattered with grease.

Reheating bacon can be a tricky territory. When you are trying to reheat it, you will run a very good possibility of drying it out, or making very crispy bites. But I hope that my cooking guide and tips have made it simple and easy to grasp. If you follow these instructions step by step, without missing any of the key points, you can rest assure that your every day can be a bacon day.

Did you have fun reading my bacon cooking guide? Do you have any questions related to reheating the bacon? Or do you have any other no-frill method that you use to reheat the bacon? If you have, feel free to share all of your thoughts and queries with me in the “Comments” section below.

How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

how to not get fat while pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the best and hardest experiences a woman is bound to experience. It is not at all easy for a woman to have all those changes in her body. And it could get worse as people around her puts nothing but pressure on her. There’s pressure for her to be able to raise a kid while taking care of herself at the same time.

A lot of women go asking questions like how to not get fat while pregnant. And they ask this not because they are vain, but because they are expected to be still beautiful.

So what is it that a woman needs to do to watch her diet while the bun is in the oven? Read on and find out.

What You Need To Know​

What You Need To Know

First of all, you have to know that gaining weight is okay, but gaining too much weight is not. Aside from the pressure of staying beautiful, you need to look out for your health. As much as you want to satisfy all those cravings, you still need a little bit of discipline.

You can always talk to your doctor about your pregnancy weight. The doctor will tell you how much gain you are allowed to have to stay healthy. You can use this as a target limit and start working from there.

Now is the perfect time to have an excuse to get all the food you want, yes. But certain conditions may put you and the baby to risk. So, what are thing things you need to keep in mind and make count?

The following are the right kind of food you will need to go through with the pregnancy healthily.​

Fruits And Vegetables

This is quite a no-brainer. You know for a fact that a pregnant woman needs to have a daily dose of fresh fruit and vegetables. According to popsugar.com, you will need fiber-rich fruits and veggies specifically.

The idea is that these fiber-rich foods including legumes and whole grains trick your brain into thinking that you are full. This way, you will no longer have cravings for fatty and unhealthy foods.

Alternative Recipes

If you are monitoring your weight gain, you have to be creative and experimental regarding food. You have to find alternative recipes for your unhealthy cravings.

I know this sounds hard, but a little bit of research is all you need. Like I said, you need creativity so that you do not have to deprive yourself completely. For instance, if you have been longing to have sweets, you can opt for the “healthier sugar.”

You do not always have to buy everything in the grocery store. The more you can prepare it yourself and go for all-natural ingredients, the better. There are a ton of different mix and match recipes you can find on the Internet and in cookbooks. Resourcefulness is the key.​

Fitness Plan

Fitness Plan

This is not that necessary for all pregnant women and is called for on a case-to-case basis. Some soon-to-be mommies are into a condition that is more sensitive than others. Some people need the go signal of their doctors to push through with exercising.

If you are cleared and are allowed to do pregnant fitness training, then I highly suggest you go for it. It will not only help you maintain average weight, but it will help you with your labor. You do not need an intense plan; a few stretches here and there would be enough.

One of the most popular exercises for pregnant women is yoga. It does not only help your muscles shape up, but it also helps relax your mind.​

How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

How To Not Get Fat While Pregnant

Start With A Healthy Weight

Before you begin any “method” for avoiding that dreaded weight gain, start things right. Make sure that your base weight is in the right range for your height, age and body condition.

According to Baby Center, an excellent base weight goes well with the prescribed prenatal vitamins that you take. Knowing your starting body mass will also help you start monitoring your gain per week of your baby’s growth.

Eat Frequently In Small Amounts

This has always worked for those who want to lose or maintain weight. Instead of indulging in one heavy meal, cut your food intake into two or three little meals. This will help you not overeat and crave for more food.

If you don’t want to eat too frequently, plan on having one massive meal and then two small ones. Again, this is a matter of creativity. As long as you prepare the best mix of go, grow and glow, you will be fine.​

Always Hydrate!

I am pretty sure that your doctor could not emphasize this tip enough. All pregnant women are required and expected to drink lots of water every day. Hydrating helps both the mother and the baby survive the pregnancy well. Both need oxygen in this risky period.

Baby Center states that The Institute of Medicine recommends at least 8 ounces of water for ten times daily. And this number should be the minimum. If you are a working pregnant mommy, you will need more as your body uses more energy.​

Satisfy Your Cravings Carefully

Like I mentioned earlier, it is important that you do not deprive yourself of food you want. Doing this will only make you feel bad about being pregnant. You do not need that feeling especially in times when you do not feel beautiful.

The answer is to respond to your cravings, but with caution. Pick the ingredients that will both make you happy and healthy. There are endless ways to do this. Frances Largeman-Roth, an author, shared her secret to Baby Center. She said she mixes one healthy food to one that is less healthy. That can work for you.​

Choose The Right Kind Of Carbohydrates

I perfectly understand that it is hard for a pregnant woman to resist carbs altogether. Well, you do not have to battle it out. The key is to choose the right alternatives that still count as carbs.

For instance, instead of white bread and white rice, go for brown rice and whole wheat bread. It will make you fuller, and you will not have to eat too much of it. That is hitting two birds!


I hope you enjoyed these tips that I shared with you. Not getting fat while pregnant is indeed possible. It is just a matter of motivation and perseverance. Plus, it is important that you always think about what is healthiest for both you and your baby.

Pregnancy is the best because it is an opportunity to give life to a human being. And it is the hardest because giving life is a huge challenge. But this challenge does not have to be depressing.

Remember that food deprivation could lead to your depression. You do not want to pass on the sadness to your little one—they can feel it! So eat, but eat healthily!

If you want more advice, you may also check out charlotteparent.com. And, if you have questions and comments, feel free to write them down below.

How to Make Fried Rice At Home (And 8 Best Fried Rice Recipes)

How to Make Fried Rice

Having warm, flavorful fried rice in the morning is one of the most satisfying ways to eat breakfast. And there are many ways on how to make fried rice for a wide range of options to cooking this traditional food. In the following, we’ll discuss several ways to make it, along with some tips and tricks on how to prepare it and tips from pro bloggers that you may be interested to learn about and apply for yourself. We’ll also cover the ways in correcting common problems. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in and start in today’s guide.

Ways to Make Fried Rice

1. Using The Skillet Method

Using The Skillet Method

Via kateinthekitchen.com

This is a simple to make fried rice that you can prepare in a couple of minutes using basic kitchen ingredients. In this method, you can choose of adding cooked meat or any additional ingredients you desire.


Prepare your ingredients: four cups of leftover white rice, a piece of carrot, a medium-sized onion, a clove of garlic, one teaspoon of fresh ginger, three eggs, a cup of bean sprouts, a pinch of salt, black pepper, two tablespoons of vegetable oil and three tablespoons of soy sauce.

Step 2

Heat oil in the skillet and then fry the vegetables, and then add the garlic and onion. Stir them until golden brown.

Step 3

Add the cooked rice and some cooked meat if desired and then the beaten eggs.

Step 4

Toss the ingredients and then fry everything for about three minutes. Put soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste.

Step 5

For the garnishing, add some sprigs of green onion before serving.

2. Using A Pan

Using A Pan

Via fiveandspice.wordpress.com

If you want to add a little twist to the conventional fried rice, then try using crispy pork on it. This is also one of the best ways on how to add some variety in your breakfast. So for example, you don’t want to have hard boiled eggs in that morning, you can try this simple method of cooking fried rice in a pan.


Turn on your electric stove over medium heat and then heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan.

Step 2

Cook your eggs, but make sure they are beaten. You need to tilt your pan so that you can coat its surface with the eggs. Make sure that your eggs are cooked well, and then flip the eggs after two minutes. Take the eggs out and then be able to cut them into small pieces before setting aside.

Step 3

Add in your garlic, ginger and onion and cook them for two minutes.

Step 4

Dice your cooked pork and cook it for another three minutes.

Step 5

Add the sesame oil, rice and then soy sauce into the skillet and then cook them for two minutes.

Step 6

Season your fried rice and then take it out from heat.

Step 7

If desired, you can add chopped cilantro leaves and make sure to mix them well with the ingredients.

3. Using An Oven

Using An Oven

Via www.mugnaini.com

Make roasted meat cooked in a pellet smoke r more exciting by cooking fried rice in an oven before serving them both. This is another method to cooking fried rice, and this applies if you don’t want to use traditional skillet or pan for the purpose.


Prepare your ingredients, including two cups of rice, three and one-third cups of water, onion soup mix, three tablespoons of oil, half of red bell pepper, chopped green onion, chopped mushrooms and other desired ingredients.

Step 2

Preheat the convection oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3

Combine your ingredients in a dish while the oven is heating.

Step 4

Stir the ingredients well.

Step 5

Put it inside your oven in the middle rack.

Step 6

Cook your fried rice for about one hour until the soup is absorbed.

4. Using A Microwave

Using A Microwave

Using a convection microwave, you can make fried rice! Yes, this is a fabulous option for those living in the dormitory or working in an office where there is no access to a gas range but only a microwave appliance. You can make the quick and easy rice recipe that you can modify based on the ingredients you desire.


Prepare the ingredients you’ll need, and these are a cup of rice, one and a half cups of water, two chopped bacons, a medium-sized onion, one tablespoon oil, one tablespoon of tomato sauce and one tablespoon of soy sauce.

Step 2

Put all the ingredients together and have them in a microwave safe container. Stir them well and then cover.

Step 3

Get it inside the microwave and turn it on for about 20 minutes, and then leave it inside for another five minutes.

Step 4

When ready to serve, just stir it and have mouth-watering fried rice, which you can also pair up with meat slowly cooked to perfection using your anodized cookware or pellet grill.

5. Using A Wok

Using A Wok

Via danyandy.wordpress.com

Let’s now cook using Chinese style and a wok! But don’t fret, as we don’t need to wear chef shoes to do it. This recipe is simple yet so delicious. Just remember to use leftover rice because it won’t have a clumpy, wet texture later. For this method, you need about 20 minutes to prepare and cook, and it makes four servings.


Get your ingredients ready, and they are three tablespoons of vegetable oil, two eggs, a pinch of salt and pepper, three cups of cooked rice, three-fourth cup of shrimp or chicken if you don’t have char siu, three-fourth cup of mixed vegetables, one and a half tablespoons of soy sauce and four green onions.

Step 2

Lightly beat your eggs using a small bowl.

Step 3

Put the wok in the stove on a high heat.

Step 4

Add about two tablespoons of oil on it and then tilt the wok lightly to coat the sides.

Step 5

When done, you can add the eggs and then the salt and pepper to taste. Cook the eggs until they are lightly scrambled. Move them to the sides after.

Step 6

Get the remaining oil and then stir in the rice for about two minutes.

Step 7

You should then add the cooked meat or the char siu, along with the carrots and peas to the wok. Stir them together.

Step 8

Slice the green onions thinly and then add them to the mix. Add soy sauce.

Step 9

Stir-fry for about a minute more before serving.

Bonus Tricks

Fried Rice1

You should use leftover cooked rice, and then leave it in the fridge overnight so that your rice grains will be firm and easier to separate, preventing mushiness in the finished product. Or else, you should wait for newly cooked rice for moisture to escape and then refrigerate it for a couple of hours before cooking. Also, you should use long grain rice, not sushi rice or short grain varieties. The reason is that short grain rice stick together.

Thanks to Smithsonian APA for sharing these tips!


Use leftover rice to avoid soggy fried rice! By doing so, the texture will be just right, not soggy or dry. Also, use your favorite ingredients and be creative! Finally, you should have the right order for the perfect outcome: the eggs first and then the rice. You should definitely check out the site for other useful tips and tricks about cooking fried rice!

Thanks to Christine Ho for the wonderful ideas that she has shared!


Do you want to know how much soy sauce to add? Ideally, add three tablespoons of soy sauce for every four cups of cooked white rice.

Thanks to Contributors at Wiki How for the wonderful tricks!


Use day-old rice for chewy and tender texture in your fried rice. One of the contributors, Grace, said that she makes double the rice that she needed whenever so that she’ll have leftover rice for the recipe. According to the site, you should make sure that you fluff the rice immediately and before storing it. Check out the complete tips and tricks on the THEKITCHN for delicious fried rice.

We’d love to give thanks to the contributors and the amazing people like Emma Christensen and Grace at TheKitchn for always inspiring us!


How do you come up with the perfect fried rice? You should use leftovers. Jasmine rice is better or use long grain rice if that is what you have.

Thanks to Felicity Cloake for the wonderful tip!


To let the flavor of Jasmine rice to shine in the fried rice, you should use very light stir-fries, according to J. Kenji López-Alt. Aside from it giving just the right balance of stickiness and texture, it can also make the dish better smelling when lighter stir-fries are used.

Thanks to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt for the tips!


Fish sauce is considered a salt in the South East Asia and it is used in many Asian dishes. In your fried rice, you can substitute salt with it and still make a tasty dish in which you won’t even pick out the taste of it in your dish.

Thanks to Jaden for sharing this secret!

Pro Tips from Other Bloggers

Pro Tips from Other Bloggers

1. This website, in the post for Charles Jones, is one of the coolest sources for cooking tips and kitchen tricks. One of the secrets that it shares includes using day-old rice, so that it won’t stick when it is fried. According to the blogger, it is also best to use thawed rice than fresh. But then if you have to use newly cooked rice, you should cool it completely first. It also shares that you should use short or medium grain varieties, and not long varieties, so variants like sushi rice would work well, except when feeding people accustomed to long grain rice in American kitchens.

2. The website shares a cool option when making fried rice. It suggests soaking carrots and beans, each in separate bowls of boiling water for five minutes or until they start to change color. And then drain and set them aside. Check out the entire tips and tricks as shared by Funmi Komolafe.

3. The contributor Holly of the site shares her tips on ways to make the perfect oil-free variety without the dairy and meat. On the site, you will find one of those recipes to try if you are on a healthy diet. Check out the official site for the complete information now.

4. The site shares an amazing recipe on how to make protein-packed fried rice that will improve your muscle-building effort. You can make this simple egg fried rice using some simple ingredients, including brown rice and chili flakes. Head over to the site and check out how to make this protein-packed fried rice.

Correcting Common Problems

Correcting Common Problems

What is the right way to stir it?

Use the tossing technique so that you can preserve the texture and shape of the grain. Here is what to do: You should push the spatula downwards with about 45 degrees angle until it reaches the bottom of the pan. You should also scrape the rice, which is stuck on the pan’s bottom. Also, you should toss it so that you can mix the ingredients well. Finally, you should not press the rice using your spatula.

What is the ideal texture of rice?

It should have a firm texture outside.

What temperature is needed for the perfect outcome?

You should take note of proper heat, which should be hot enough because fried stir-frying rice needs maximum heat, so that it would be equally cooked.

Is there a way on how I can prevent the rice from clumping?

No one would like clumpy fried rice. One of the ways to avoid this problem is to rinse the rice to get rid of excess starch. This tip applies when you’re cooking fried rice using raw rice.

What should I do if the rice has the tendency to go stale or to clump?

You can avoid this problem by breaking it up before cooking it. The process will ensure that your rice will be able to separate without being crushed or breaking when you’re cooking it. Nevertheless, make sure that you break up the rice before frying it.

Why is my fried rice sticky?

You should choose the right variety to avoid this problem as well as use one-day old cooked rice or leftover rice, not the newly cooked one to avoid sogginess in the results. Also, avoid those with sticky and soft texture, as they do not make good fried rice.

What is the fastest way to cook it?

One of the best tips is to prepare the ingredients before cooking so that you can save time. That will of course depend on the ingredients you’re using. For example, if you were to add meat, be sure that you cook it beforehand. For the eggs, you can cook and then dice it in advance before cooking the fried rice. You can add it in the fried rice when it is almost done. You may also want to use the eggs as the binder for the recipe. For this purpose, you can add the beaten eggs while you’re frying the rice, usually in the middle of the process.

What’s best to use in stir-frying rice?

While a wok isn’t most recommended in western kitchens but the use of skillet or a frying pan, it is still ideal in the method of cooking fried rice. The reason is that it has different heating zones, allowing you to push some ingredients aside to give way for new ingredients. Using a wok also makes flipping and tossing easier. You can also consider its use if you want some smoky flavor in your fried rice. Also, you may want to use a flat-bottomed wok that won’t tip off the cooking range. However, you may want to skip using a wok if you’re using induction stove because it does not work like gas cooking ranges that make the flame rise and that can heat up the sides of your wok.

Best Fried Rice Recipes

1. Tofu Fried Rice from My Recipes

Via onsugarmountain.com

This is one of the best sources of recipes for fried rice. In this recipe, the old fried rice recipe is given a new twist – this time with tofu. You may want to check out this site for this fun and simple, protein-packed recipe that will change the way you eat breakfast! Fill your day with this slow-digesting macronutrient that might also help you lose weight if you’re trying. Go on and check out the site if you want to learn how to cook this tofu fried rice.

Check This Recepe

2. Chinese Fried Rice from Food.com

Do you want restaurant-quality fried rice cooked straight from your kitchen? Try this simple Chinese fried rice recipe from the site and see how you can wow your guests with its exquisite taste. This particular recipe can serve up to four people and it is made with easy to find ingredients, including soy sauce and sesame oil. Check out the full list of ingredients and instructions from the source now!

Check This Recepe

3. Vegetable Fried Rice from Serious Eats

Check out how to make a healthier alternative to our fried rice! You can try this vegetable fried rice from the site and see how it fares for your taste buds. This particular recipe is lightly seasoned and it has a tender and chewy texture. See how to prepare it by checking the source now!

Check This Recepe

4. Oriental Egg Fried Rice from BBC Good Food

The recipe is by Sara Buenfeld and it takes only up to 30 minutes to prepare. Just like the traditional fried rice, you can make use of long grain rice variety for this recipe and then two large eggs. Check out the source for a full list of ingredients and instructions now!

Check This Recepe

5. Turkey Fried Rice from Real Simple

This particular recipe makes use of our favorite Turkey and it takes only about a total of 40 minutes to prepare and cook. It is a recipe by Dawn Perry that makes use of peas, carrots, Hoisin sauce and scallions. Check out the site for the entire list of ingredients as well as cooking instructions.

Check This Recepe

6. Chicken Fried Rice from Taste.com

Do you love chicken and you want to eat it another way? Check out this chicken fried rice recipe that will give a new twist to your chicken. Plus, it is healthy for using lean chicken breast fillet. For an entire list of the recipe ingredients, you may want to visit the site to check for the instructions as well.

Check This Recepe

7. Sausage Fried Rice from Good to Know

The recipe takes 20 minutes to prepare and it is easy to make. It uses of sunflower oil, spring onions and cooked chicken, and a whole lot more. For the complete list of the ingredients as well as the steps in preparing it, you may want to check out Good to Know.

Check This Recepe

8. Pork Fried Rice from Food.com

This recipe serves four and its main ingredients include onion, pork, rice and bean sprouts. It is easy to prepare and it adds a nice twist to your fried rice with the addition of pork. This is a meal in which to get carbohydrates and protein as well as other nutrients. You may want to check out the source for the complete instructions and ingredients you need.

Check This Recepe


There are many ways on how to make fried rice so you can always try something new depending on your mood or preference. You can choose to make one for vegans or gluten-intolerant guests. In short, fried rice isn’t only that traditional stir-fried rice we used to know in which we add garlic, a few bits of meat and some onion springs, as there are many ways to be creative and be as adventurous in the kitchen when making this all-time favorite food. Also, you may want to try out the tips from pro bloggers shared here – we’d like to express our gratitude to them for making us more knowledgeable on how to make our fried rice better.

Did you find this guide useful? Tell us in the comment section! Finally, share this article with friends on social media so that they would also have some inspiration on how to cook this exciting rice dish in no time today!

Resources & Further Reading

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? The Answer May Surprise You!

can you freeze smoked salmon

I have wondered about this question countless times and I am sure you have done the same.

Smoked salmon is a delicious food and the process helps to kill any bacteria, viruses or parasites that could be lurking in the fish. I use it in everything – from as a topping for my breakfast bagels to as a surprise ingredient in my dinner recipe.

Now that you know my love for smoked salmon, but it gets hard to consume the entire fish in just one sitting or use the whole salmon in a recipe. But if you’re in the supermarket one day and see a sale on a large package of smoked salmon, what should you do? Eating a little and throwing the rest away seemed wasteful to me.

So I decided to look into the ways I can make this food product last as long as possible and the best way I found was – Freeze it!​

Preparing The Smoked Salmon For The Freezer​

Yes, you can freeze smoked fish – even the smoked salmon. The frozen counterpart of your favorite fish can last for about 3 months in your house refrigerator freezer or about can survive for 6 months in a commercial chest freezer – if maintained at a freezing temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.​

 Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon? The Answer May Surprise You! ​

1. To Cut Or Not To Cut

It does not matter if you have a whole smoked salmon or just smoked fillets – you can either leave the fish whole or you can cut it into pieces while freezing. I find it easier to manage the smaller pieces as they are easier to wrap and store in the freezer.

I would recommend you to cut the salmon into small pieces that are about the for match the serving size you would typically eat within 24 to 48 hours. Plus, once thawed, you will not be able to freeze the salmon again, so smaller fillets are better than the large chunks.

To Cut or Not to Cut

2. Wrap The Salmon

To start preparing your smoked salmon fillets for the freezer, take a sauce brush and lightly brush both sides of the fish with some olive oil. This will help you to seal in the flavors and protect the fillets from freezer burn. The video below explains that the biggest risk to freezing smoked salmon is freezer burn:

Apart from the above method, there are several other routines that you can use to wrap your salmon fish and avoid the problem of freezer burn. One such method is to wrap the salmon tightly in a plastic wrap. Fold in the wrap and secure all of its edges so that there is no air between the wrap and the salmon.

Fresh salmon in packing sell in supermarket

Next, use freezer paper to wrap around the salmon as the paper will provide an additional layer of protection against the freezer burns. Make sure each side of the fish has at least 2 layers of the plastic wrap and 2 layers of the freezer paper.

Hot Tip: If you would like to save yourself a step, consider investing in a top vacuum sealer. The electronic sealer uses a special type of plastic wrap that is heat activated and forms a protective vacuum around the food by squeezing the air out of the package before it is sealed shut. Plus, it also helps to keep your hands clean.

Things to Remember: The most important thing to remember when freezing smoked salmon is that air is its biggest enemy. The smoked salmon is bound to lose some of its texture and flavor if it is not wrapped properly before freezing. Exposure to the air can cause oxidation of the fish which may lead to freezer burns, spoilage and loss of flavor.​

3. How To Store: Air-Tight Containers And Labels

Containers such as glass bowls or even plastic boxes are not recommended for storage of smoked salmon. Such containers allow too much air to circulate around the fish which could lead to freezer burn. It is better to stick with the plastic wraps, freezer papers and air-tight containers.

An empty jar with an open white lid on a background of a wrapping paper

Hot Tip: Label your packages of frozen salmon before putting them into the freezer to keep up with their timeline. These labels can help you note down the contents of each package as well as the date of freezing.

Make sure to use up the frozen salmon within 2-3 months of freezing it.​

4. Thaw And Make Your Best Smoked Salmon

When you are ready to enjoy the sweet fruit of your hard labor, remove one of the wrapped salmon packages and allow the fish to thaw in the refrigerator. Depending on the size and thickness of the fillets that you wrapped, the salmon could take up to 24 hours to thaw.

Hot Tip: As I have already stated in point #1, cut your smoked salmon in smaller pieces before freezing. This will also quicken up the thawing process.

One thing you should remember is that it is important to maintain the temperature and keep the smoked salmon cold as it thaws. Plus, you should never use hot water or leave the smoked salmon to thaw at the room temperature. Doing so may lead to germ build-up such as salmonella inside the salmon which may contaminate the fish and lead to health issues, if consumed.

Once you are sure that the salmon is fully thawed, it is ready to gorge on. You may consume it as it is or can show you magic with some special recipe or food preparation.

Two salmon steaks with thyme in a pan with ice

Things to Remember: Remember that repeated thawing and freezing of the salmon will degrade the fish. Freezing the salmon will turn the water molecules inside it into microscopic daggers that will cut its fibrous muscle strands and repeating the process more than once will leave the meat in a sad state. Whereas repeated thawing will allow the bacteria to grow and contaminate the fish.

Try It Yourself!

Freezing your smoked salmon will allow you to continue enjoying your favorite food and dishes for a long time. Preparing the salmon for freezing is easy and maintainable only if you will follow the above instructions carefully and will keep in mind the special tips.

If you have any questions about freezing the smoked salmon or want an exciting smoked salmon recipe, please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.​

Can Flour Go Bad? How To Know The One That Is Bad

Can Flour Go Bad

Can flour go bad? How long does it last? How do you tell if the flour is bad? These and many others are some of the questions some of my blog readers have been asking since the start of this year. If you are one of those who are wondering whether flour goes bad, as a cook, I understand your concern and I’m ready to help you find out.

​Types Of Flours

​Types Of Flours

Before I tell you whether flour goes bad or not, it is important to understand the different types of flour at your disposal. There are many types of flour that you can obtain from the grocer’s shelves. They include refined flours, whole grain flours and nut and alternative flours.

Refined flours are made by grinding wheat without bran and germ. This type of flour does not have much oil so they can stay longer on the shelf. It is commonly used for making bread, pastry, self-rising and all all-purpose.

Another category of flours is whole grain flours. These flours contain the germ and bran including important nut rients. They also have much oil so they tend to be oxidized and turn rancid once they are exposed to air.

The third category of flours you might consider are nut and alternative flours. Just like whole grain flours, these kinds of flours have high levels of oils so they also tend to oxidize and turn rancid when they are exposed to air.

Can Flour Go Bad?

an Flour Go Bad

Basically, Yes. Just like any other baking ingredient, flour can go bad if it stays on the shelf 4 to 8 months past the best before date printed on the package. The most common reason why flour spoils is whether there is moisture in the storage shelf. As stated earlier, certain types of flours such as refined flours and nut and alternative flours tend to develop a rancid smell when they are exposed to air.

Another reason why flour goes bad is if weevils inhabit the storage compartment and then lay eggs in the bag. These eggs not only stain the flour but also react with it to form harmful compounds. Some say you can freeze the flour for 2 days to kill the weevils but it is safer to throw it in the trash.

How Long Does Flour Last?

How Long Does Flour Last?

The shelf life of any type of flour entirely depends on how it is stored and how long it stays after the printed expiry date. When properly stored, it can last for several months beyond its printed expiry date. In determining the shelf life of any type of flour, my content incorporates research from multiple resources including United States Food & Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Most types of flours such as rice flour, corn meal flour, potato flour and corn meal flour last for 6 to 8 months past the expiry date printed on the package. Other types of flours such as whole wheat flour and self-rising flour last for 4 to 6 months past the expiry date printed on the package.

But keep in mind that flour, like other types of baking ingredients, usually has a best before date, expiration date and not a use by date. So it may be safe to use it before the expiry of the best before date.

How To Tell If Flour Is Bad

How To Tell If Flour Is Bad

It is easier to confirm if your flour has spoilt is the color and smell. Flour which has gone bad turns its color or contains a rancid smell. However, your flour can go bad without showing these signs. There is a lot of health risks associated with spoiled flours so it is important for you to practice maximum safety and enjoy your flours before their shelf life has expired.

How To Store Flour?

The best way to store any type of flour is to use its original package but also inside an airtight container. Your flour will also last for long if you store it in a cool dry place. Even if the place is cool and dry, avoid sprinkling water around it.

All varieties also last long when stored in a vapor proof container. The main reason for these is that the powders may absorb the chemicals and odors from anything around the storage compartment. Also, to extend the shelf life of whole grain flour past the best for use date, it is recommended you store it the freezer or fridge.


I hope now you are informed. Flour, just like other cooking ingredients, can go bad. Although the information that I have provided is generally reliable, always remember that individual cases may vary and that my advice should not be taken as a replacement for your health care professional.

If you have any other way to help people know how to distinguish flour that has gone bad, feel free to share with us. If you have any question, also feel free to ask in the comments section below.

5 Best Copper Cookware Sets In 2020

Best Copper Cookware

Copper is one material that’s specific in its own way. Copper is a metallic that may be depended on with closed eyes for efficient cooking. You possibly can without a doubt be assured that the copper will no longer allow the meals to stick to the base even as the kitchen. It’s miles because this metal doesn’t have a problem with making warmness spots. Heat spots are the simple purpose why the food commonly sticks to the base.

A copper utensil may be very a lot used for cooking and it in goes back has a terrible effect on the body. It’s far scientifically verified. So if one is trying to know more approximately the copper utensils, then this text is truly for them. In this version, the whole thing almost copper will be mentioned, and the understanding of its utilization might be shared.

What To Look For When Buying Copper Pots​


1. Thickness

reviewed copper pot

Via www.williams-sonoma.com

In cookware, the thickness of the material where it’s far crafted from means it is better. If you are referring a pan or a set, don’t anticipate that each one example is of the same quality as well as of the equal thickness. You ought to take a look at the exact weight of product and concerning about the thickness of the copper. A few producers generally tend to confuse this query and some are extra forthcoming.

Normally, it is miles nice to avoid merchandise made in Portugal as these have a tendency to be very skinny measuring about 1.5 mm or thinner. The issue on the thinness even extends to many the higher manufacturers who also create lower rate units consisting of this situation. You must always check to find merchandise which might be as a minimum of 2mm or 2.5mm thick. This is where you will experience better quality regarding overall performance against its cost.

Overall, the thinner portions have bronze handles with the Mauviel’s Presentation line as noted and thicker parts will function with cast iron knobs or chrome steel shafts. However, this isn’t always set in stone and you’ll find some oddity to this identification strategy. There had been many manufacturers in this suburb and most of them experimented or presented diverse cope with combinations.

Moreover, you need to avoid any sort of cooking vessel that has a curved edge. If the metal is too thin to roll, it’s far much too thin to function as a food podium and those need to be limited to decorator responsibilities or to be used for boiling water.​

2. Appearance

reviewed copper pot

Copper cookware is to be had in each easy and “hammered” finish. The hammered look intended an assurance of handcraftsmanship. But, nowadays nearly all examples are crafted with machines and the pounded look is absolutely a choice depended on your artistic possibilities and availability of end alternatives within the unique pot or emblem which you are inquisitive about.

An easy end might be a great deal more common for the duration of most of the decent nice manufacturers. The hammered end is also no longer indicative satisfactory indicator as reasonably-priced for function of this pattern as well despite the fact that a few high fine handcrafted artisan shops nonetheless exist.​

The Copper Cookware Linings

The Copper Cookware Linings

Via www.crateandbarrel.com

Copper cookware is to be had in 3 distinct material structures: tinned, stainless-steel and bare lined. There is a few serious impressions and fact developing regarding the benefits and detriments of each those substances.


1. Bare

Bare copper is the cheapest and for maximum duties, the least appropriate. Even though this metallic is a remarkable heat conductor since its uncoated shape has extreme reactions to acidic ingredients which include tomatoes and numerous vinegar based totally dishes. Also, in big portions copper could be unsafe on your fitness. That being stated, bare metal has some super blessings and you could want to buy some for your arsenal.

Among using of those unlined products consists of the beating of egg whites. A bare copper round bottom bowl works thoroughly for this method as the metallic response to the egg whites letting them keep more air and “top” tons more speedy than what you’ll encounter to be the measure with a stainless or glass bowl.

Often, crème of tartar is brought to help with the whipping procedure. However, this extra element is now not required with a copper bowl. A small pot is handy for creating tough sweets and melting sugar. Some other outstanding piece to have in case you fancy this type of cooking. Jam pans also are consistently unlined as sugar offsets the consequences of any acidic action at the bare metal.​

2. Tin Coated

Almost no component conducts heat like copper; not even cast iron or aluminum, ceramic or porcelain, nor glass, absolutely no longer stainless steel. But, as mentioned, it is not a great choice for most preparations for some people.

3. Benefits And Advantages

reviewed copper pot Benefits and Advantages

Via www.sfgirlbybay.com

Copper complements home meals preparation by means of permitting a rapid receptive. However, too much one element is seldom hearty. Even if the hygienic potential of this steel become recognized hundreds of years ago, it only helped to preserve the good water so has the grasp that an affluence of this element. It can contribute to toxicity. This is despite the fact that of the route they did now not recognize approximately bacteria.

To keep away from copper accumulation inside the body, a cooking device made with this material has been glazed with an inside layer of tin for masses of years. The tin coating never hampers with the steel’s ability to behavior warmness. It simply averts the copper from leaching into the food and into your intestine.

Here’s What Matters:​


Via www.crateandbarrel.com

There are a few first-rate benefits to the usage of this tested and true lining. It has an herbal crystalline structure that is polished with only a few irregularities. This means that it is obviously nonstick. In truth, the simplest element that outweighs this component is the feared Teflon.

Additionally, tin calls for no flavoring as within the case of barely forged iron. It is also a good choice for cooking excessive acid ingredients together with tomato based totally dishes in contrast to solid or metallic. Additionally, tin is an impressive heat conductor on its own. You’ll be amazed to see how quick it warms up and could possibly have to rebuff your burner a primary couple of instances you prepare dinner.

You virtually don’t need wok-like temperature with this material! Irrespective of what form of range which you use, aside from induction, all the thermal power could be enforced to the meals in preference to being reflected off the base of the cookware which includes the stainless steel. It can be consumed by using it the same with cast iron cooking tools.

The satisfactory element for tin is anatomical and synthetically dormant. It doesn’t react to pH changes. It does not convey both flavors or leave behind chemical matters into the food. It is not water-loving like Teflon. This means building a tier of water in the pan when cooking can not be done. This is essential to you as it permits you to absolutely brown meats in contrast to using a Teflon-coated pan.

Tin steadily oxidizes underneath excessive temperature and shifts a bit dingy. It permits alongside trace quantities of tin chemicals into the food just like the manner solid iron passes along iron oxides and this is a superb element. tin is a vital nutrient.

Top 5 Best Copper Pots Reviewed​

Product Name



Our Rating

Lagostina Q554SA64 Tri-ply Hammered Stainless Steel Copper Cookware Set


Sertodo Alicante 15-inch Hammered Copper Paella Pan


Amoretti Brothers Hammered Copper 7-Piece Cookware Set


Mauviel M’heritage M250B 9-piece 2.5 mm Copper Cookware Set with Bronze Handles


Matfer 915901 Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set


1. Lagostina Q554SA64 Tri -ply Hammered Stainless Steel Copper Cookware Set

Lagostina Q554SA64 Tri-ply Hammered Stainless Steel Copper Cookware SetCheck on Amazon

​Even as thick copper cookware is good, it is miles possible to enjoy advantages of cooking with copper without breaking the financial institution. If you are an extra finances-conscious chef, then Lagostina’s Martellata Tri-Ply Hammered 10-Piece Copper Cookware Set is probably proper for you. This set is made commonly from chrome steel, but each piece does have a hammered copper exterior and aluminum middle to a resource with warmness distribution and temperature manage.

The alternative upside is that this set requires a chunk less renovation than other copper cookware units. You may feel free to apply metal utensils, and it’ll even preserve up in temperatures up to 500 stages. The set consists of an 8-inch skillet, a 10-inch skillet, a 2-quart saucepan, a three-quart saucepan, a 3-quart sauté pan and a 6-quart stockpot as well as lids for the whole lot but the skillets.​


  • Copper outdoors combined with aluminum center for brief and even heating
  • Hammered copper exterior to appearance lovely on your kitchen
  • Long lasting, stay-cool handles constructed to final a lifetime
  • A great deal less high priced than conventional copper cookware


  • The thin copper exterior will now not match the performance of cookware with thicker copper

2. Sertodo Alicante 15 – inch Hammered Copper Paella Pa n

Sertodo Alicante 15-inch Hammered Copper Paella PanCheck on Amazon

​If you love cooking, then do yourself a desire and ensure which you have at least one tin-covered piece of copper cookware in your arsenal. For that one piece, it might be tough to do a whole lot better than Sertodo Copper’s Alicante 15-inch Hammered Copper Paella Pan. You may have a variety of fun with this specific piece of copper cookware as you can put together and serve a wide kind of dishes that are perfect for events, and it’ll appearance fantastic whilst pleasant any venture.

The hammered copper exterior is excellent, and it is made from pure 14-gauge copper that is one hundred percent recycled. Furthermore, the tin lining method that it is miles obviously nonstick, and this pan includes a robust, stainless-steel deal with on the way to live cool as you cook dinner and serve your meal.​


  • Exquisite for getting ready and serving a ramification of dishes, along with paella, sauces, omelet or crepes
  • One hundred percent recycled 14-gauge copper exterior
  • Hand made with a stunning hammer polish
  • Take care of made from low-conductivity stainless-steel to stay cool


  • The tin lining requires greater care than stainless steel
  • The copper thickness isn’t specific with the aid of the manufacturer of the pan

3. Amoretti Brothers Hammered Copper 7-Piece Cookware Set

Amoretti Brothers Hammered Copper 7-Piece Cookware SetCheck on Amazon

​In case you try out a tin-lined piece of cookware and locate that it works for you, or in case you’re already familiar with the wonders of working with a tin-covered pot or pan, then you may need to spend money on a cookware set like the seven-piece hammered copper cookware imparting from Amoretti Brothers.

This package consists of a 1.three-quart saucepan, a 5.4-quart saucepan, a 4.three-quart sauté pan, and a three-quart frying pan, and lids for the sauce and sauté pans. Every piece capabilities 2-millimeter-thick copper this is hand hammered for a beautiful end, and the pans additionally consist of a double layer of tin on the way to remaining longer than many other tin linings.

The handles are handmade from bronze and fastened on with robust rivets for power and cozy dealing with. This is actually a copper cookware set capable of delivering on each aesthetics and performance.​


  • Hand-hammered end and signature lids make this copper cookware set a lovely addition to any kitchen
  • Double layer of tin guarantees that the lining will last for years
  • Polished bronze handles add to this set’s attractive look


  • 2-millimeter copper outside is barely thinner than ideal
  • Ornate handles can be tough to polish often

4. Mauviel M’heritage M250B 9-piece 2.5 mm Copper Cookware Set with Bronze Handles

Mauviel M'heritage M250B 9-piece 2.5 mm Copper Cookware Set with Bronze HandlesCheck on Amazon

​In case you are seeking out a whole set of copper saucepans, then Mauviel’s M’heritage line is a top notch option. Proposing 2.5-millimeter copper production, linings crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, and polished bronze handles with chrome steel rivets, those pans offer top notch temperature manage so that you, by no means, must worry approximately burning a sauce once more.

The set consists of a total of four saucepans entire with lids with capacities of one.9 quarts, 2.7 quarts, three.2 quarts and six.4 quarts. The set additionally comes with a ten-inch skillet, so it can manage nearly all of your stovetop cooking needs whether or not you propose to make the sauce, soup or just an omelet. These French-made pans are constructed to closing that is why Mauviel offers a lifetime assurance at the entire set.​


  • The 2.5-millimeter copper construction is perfect for temperature manage and even warmth distribution
  • Saucepans come in four different sizes, so you’ll always have the proper one accessible
  • The set is constructed to remaining an entire life and comes with a lifetime warranty


  • These pots and pans are likely too costly for maximum home chefs
  • The stainless-steel is not nonstick

5. Matfer 915901 Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set

Matfer 915901 Bourgeat Copper Cookware SetCheck on Amazon

​In terms of copper cookware, Matfer Bourgeat is one of the maximum trusted manufacturers in the global for suitable motive. You would be tough pressed to find a higher great copper cookware set then this 8-piece Matfer Bourgeat series, which incorporates a 9.5-inch casserole dish, a 7-inch saucepan, a 9.5-inch flared sauté pan, and an eleven-inch brazier, all with accompanying lids.

Each piece within the set capabilities 2.5-millimeter purple copper for perfect warmness conductivity as well as a lining made from 18/10 polished chrome steel. This copper cookware also boasts counterbalanced cast iron handles with robust, heavy rivets. This set does come with a quite hefty charge tag, but in case you are an extreme chef, you would possibly locate that this professional-excellent copper cookware is well worth each penny.​


  • The two.5-millimeter copper construction ensures even heating and unrivaled temperature manages
  • The 18/10 polished stainless steel lining is durable and smooth to easy
  • Each pan functions robust counterbalanced solid iron handles and heavy rivets


  • It is some of the exceptional copper cookware inside the world, but the price reflects that
  • A few chefs may discover that the set does no longer include enough portions to prepare dinner an extensive range of dishes


This review is written so that you could feel true about the use of copper. If one doesn’t have enough idea about how the copper may be utilized, then they read this article for assistance. With any luck, this article will clear any doubts about the use of copper then they could virtually revise from the web page each time they sense like. One must understand that usage of copper in the home is a superb choice to choose. One may use the copper with the metal or the layer of tin in it.

You need to additionally remember that what gain and drawbacks using of naked or raw copper can have on the body. Copper at the side of being beneficial is also elegant and provides a great social reputation. The usage of hand-crafted copper is the first-rate option if you may find one. Though homemade coppers are certainly luxurious, nowadays many lies approximately the products being homemade. One wants to maintain the points stated above that can assist them to choose between actual and artificial copper.​

How To Make French Toast – (And 6 Best Buttermilk Recipes)

How To Make French Toast

Who wouldn’t love a French toast in the morning? This iconic breakfast is a sure treat for the taste buds, and we just love it! But did you know that we could prepare it in other ways than we used to know? Yes, aside from spreading butter or adding some maple syrup on top, we can be more creative. We can sprinkle or garnish with other ingredients that we’ll learn a bit later. And of course, we’ll discuss the many ways on how to make French toast that will add a little twist to it! Let me show you how to make it in many ways, along with tips from other bloggers and the best recipes for every type of French toast fan – vegan, no gluten dieters and so on.

But before that, what should a French toast be like? First of all, it shouldn’t be soggy nor burned but creamy on the inside and crispy, golden browned on the outside. And while it has a custard flavor, it shouldn’t be so eggy. That is what makes it unique. And how do we come up with this outcome, anyway? Let’s begin with this guide and find out.

Ways To Make French Toast​

1. Using A Skillet

One of the simplest ways on how to make it is using the anodized cookware skillet. It is also one of the oldest methods of making it if you don’t have an oven toaster or an oven. This recipe can make eight slices of toast using only simple ingredients, including three large eggs, a cup of half-and-half, eight slices of 1-inch thick bread and a tablespoon of sugar – and any toppings of your choice!

  • Step 1: Whisk your eggs, sugar, and half-and-half in a pan
  • Step 2: Turn on the gas range and put it to medium heat. Place the skillet on top and heat it
  • Step 3: Soak four slices of bread for a minute in the custard you made earlier. Soak the other side for another minute
  • Step 4: Lift a piece of bread and let the excess custard drip. Add a tablespoon of butter to the pan and cook your toast. Make sure to tilt the pan to coat the bottom when you start noticing foam.
  • Step 5: Flip and cook the other side. Make sure not to burn the toast by adjusting the heat to low
  • Step 6: Flip and cook the other side. Make sure not to burn the toast by adjusting the heat to low
  • Step 7: When done, transfer them to a plate and wipe out your frying pan. Cook the next batch

2. Using A Griddle​​​​​

French Toast Using A Griddle

Via www.shockinglydelicious.com

This method is another easy and quick French toast with a little twist – cinnamon or vanilla extract. You can choose another ingredient for added flavor, though. In this method, we’ll use a griddle and your choices of bread, such as whole wheat, French bread or Italian bread, and then serve your toast with maple syrup. This recipe takes only about 10 minutes to prepare and cook.

  • Step 1: Prepare your ingredients – a teaspoon of vanilla extract, egg, half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, four slices of bread and one-fourth cup of milk
  • Step 2: Combine the vanilla and cinnamon in a dish, and then add and beat in the egg. Add the milk and stir the mixture. Soak your bread on each side
  • Step 3: Cook your slices on a nonstick griddle over medium heat until both sides of the bread is browned

3. Using A Microwave

Using A Microwave

Via Thenewlywedscookbook.com

If you don’t want hard boiled eggs or fried rice for breakfast, you can have French toast with only a couple of ingredients and your microwave.

  • Step 1: Prepare the ingredients: a tablespoon of milk, a tablespoon of vanilla, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, three slices of bread and syrup
  • Step 2: Whisk your wet ingredients in a shallow bowl or dish
  • Step 3:Soak a slice in the mixture, and then flip it to soak the other side
  • Step 4: Put the slices on a microwaveable plate and in the microwave. Set it on a high for a minute
  • Step 5: Repeat with the remaining slices
  • Step 6: Garnish your French toast with maple syrup

4. Using An Oven Toaster

Using An Oven Toaster

If you have the oven toaster, then making French toast is easier, as it would to grill or roast meat using a pellet smoker. All you need is to pop them in the oven when you’re in a morning rush.

And then later if you have remaining French toasts, you can just freeze them. Just cool them on a wire rack.

Get them back to the baking sheets and then freeze them in a single layer for up to two hours. Wrap them. You can freeze it for a month.Reheat them by placing them on a baking sheet in a preheated oven of 375 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 10 minutes.

For this method, you will need to spend 25 minutes and use the following ingredients: butter, half a cup of milk, ten eggs and ten slices of bread. It makes six servings.​

  • Step 1: Heat your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and combine the milk and eggs. Beat until they are well blended
  • Step 2: Pour one-half of the egg mixture into a baking pan and put six slices of bread in the pan. Turn them over to let the other side absorb the mixture. Place the bread in a single layer on a slightly greased baking sheet
  • Step 3: Repeat the same process with the remaining bread but on a second baking sheet
  • Step 4: Bake the slices for about six minutes on a 500-degree Fahrenheit oven temperature. Turn your slices over and bake them until there are no visible traces of the liquid egg

5. Using An Oven

Using An Oven

Via www.mrbreakfast.com

If you don’t have a convection oven or you don’t want to use a griddle for making French toast, another alternative is using your oven. You can make quick and easy French toast in a couple of minutes using only basic ingredients: 6 eggs, sanding sugar, coarse salt, orange zest, two tablespoons of orange juice, a citrus-flavored liqueur, one and one-fourth cups of whole milk, a loaf of bread, and butter and maple syrup for serving.

  • Step 1: Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F
  • Step 2: Beat the eggs, sugar, and liqueur along with a pinch of salt, juice and orange zest. Add in the milk and then beat all these ingredients until well blended
  • Step 3: Line two rimmed baking sheets with baking mats
  • Step 4: Dip a slice of bread one at a time into the mixture to coat them. Put the six slices on every baking sheet
  • Step 5: Transfer them to the oven and bake for 10 minutes
  • Step 6: You can increase the oven temperature, and cook the slices until they are browned for about two minutes
  • Step 7: Repeat the same procedure for the remaining bread
  • Step 8: Before serving, garnish with maple syrup, butter, and sugar

6. Using Soy-Free Ingredients

If you cannot tolerate dairy, so you want a no-dairy alternative, you can prepare your French toast without dairy. This recipe is a basic one that tastes as yummy as most varieties. You can also use gluten-free bread instead of the usual one you’re using for your toast. But then, there are some brands of rice milk with soy lecithin, so you should check the label before buying to ensure it contains none of this ingredient. For serving, you can use a dairy-free butter. This recipe makes six French toast slices.

  • Step 1: Prepare your ingredients: two eggs, six slices of bread, two-thirds cup of rice milk, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract (optional), a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of dairy-free butter
  • Step 2: Beat the egg and milk, add the salt, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla into the mixture, and then combine them well
  • Step 3: Turn on your electric stove. Heat a teaspoon of dairy-free butter over medium heat
  • Step 4: Soak both sides of the bread slices
  • Step 5: Cook them in the pan and on both sides until they are golden brown
  • Step 6:Top your toasts with jam, maple syrup or dairy-free butter

7. Using Vegan Ingredients

If you are on a vegan diet, you can still have delicious French toast in the morning while following it. For this method of cooking French toast ideal for vegans, you will need 15 minutes to prepare and cook it. It can serve two to three people. Take note of using thick bread to avoid soggy French toast. Also, take note that nutritional yeast isn’t baking yeast. Check the label and find yellow nutritional yeast.

  • Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients: ciabatta bread, almond milk, a tablespoon of maple syrup, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast, two tablespoons of whole wheat flour, a pinch of salt, one-fourth teaspoon of ground nutmeg, one-fourth teaspoon of ground nutmeg and coconut oil. And for the toppings, you will need fresh fruits, more maple syrup, and vegan butter
  • Step 2: Whisk the almond milk, nutritional yeast, flour, almond milk, nutmeg, salt, and cinnamon
  • Step 3: Soak the bread in the mixture. After 30 seconds, lift each bread and flip over to soak the other side
  • Step 4: Heat coconut oil over medium heat. Add the slices and cook them for a few minutes until golden brown. Flip to cook the other side
  • Step 5: Serve with a dab of vegan butter, fresh fruit and maple syrup and powdered sugar

Bonus Tricks

 French Toast Bonus Tricks1

Chef John shares his insider tips to contributor Vanessa Greaves of All Recipes to the secrets to coming up with perfect French toasts. There are three ways: soak it, fry it and bake it. For the soaking, you need to do it three minutes per side. To check out the complete tips, you can visit the source.

Thanks to Vanessa Greaves for sharing these insider tips!


Adjust the burner temperature! You should preheat your skillet until the butter is melted, not golden brown. Put your slices on the hot skillet and then sear the edges before turning the fire to medium low to cook the slices slowly until cooked all the way through.

Thanks to Thistle Wood for the fantastic ideas!


You should perfect your custard, in the same way that you’re making your crepes. It should have the right consistency. To achieve it, you should whisk the custard well. And another tip it shared from Food Hacks is that you should put your custard through a strainer before dipping the slice to get rid of any lumps.

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Pro Tips From Other Bloggers

Serious Eats

Do you wonder how many eggs to use for French toast? Serious Eats, which is one of my favorite food websites, shares its tips via Daniel Gritzer on how many eggs are needed for perfect French toast. So what is the ratio? The typical range is between two and four eggs for every cup of milk. You should check this site if you want to learn more tips and tricks on how to make perfect French toasts. On this site, you will also find loads and loads of exciting cooking tips and tricks that will help to make your kitchen life easier.


Contributor Sarah Karnasiewicz of Real Simple shares her amazing tips on how to make yummy French toasts. She said that you need some heft in holding up to a good soak in eggs and milk. Otherwise, it will start disintegrating before it gets into your pan. Also, she shares that the drier the bread, the better it will soak up the custard. I suggest checking out this link for complete information on how to make better French toast.


You don’t have to become a chef and wear chef shoes to cook the perfect French toast. Karen Ahn of Food Hacks shares how to make perfect French toast all the time. She recommended not to make use of soft and fresh bread, or else you’d come up with soggy French toasts. You also have to remember that the bread should have some moisture removed so that they would cook well. She added that you need to wait for the bread to be stale and shared a tip from Cooks Illustrated that you need to cut the loaf into slices and then to dry them out. The reason is that stale bread is flavorless. And if you would buy a fresh load and then dry it out, you will still have that fresh flavor.


Danielle Walsh, Bon Appétit in a Huffington Post revealed a useful trick for excellent French toast. You should not add too much sugar and dairy to the custard. Also, you should not go overboard with your milk, or else the eggs in it won’t cook, which would translate to soggy bread slices later. Also, the blogger added that you don’t need to make your custard too sweet if you’re adding honey or maple syrup or dusting the slices with powdered sugar later.


This website is one of the best sources of cooking tips you’ll need, especially if you’re an amateur chef as I am. You can make use of alternative toppings in the French toasts, aside from maple syrup, sugar or butter. You can top them with options, including corn syrup, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, chocolate chips or shavings, yogurt, fresh fruits and cream cheese. Check out the source if you need more tips and tricks on how to make lovely and yummy French toast.


This source is another great website when it comes to baking and cooking, and I found useful tips and tricks on how to cook the perfect French toast. I learned that it is better to use butter, not oil, for added flavor. However, it burns faster than oil, so we should see to it that we’re using a lower temperature and be watchful. We should make sure that the butter would not burn, so we should also be able to wipe out any browned butter off the pan using a paper towel between batches.


Contributor John D Lee of Hub Pages shared his tips and tricks on how to make better French toasts. He suggested skipping the milk, but using cream instead of it. He added that custards would taste better when with cream than milk. So instead of using milk, you may want to use half-and-half or heavy cream in your next French toasts.


Just like cutting your meat into perfect slices before you grill it for the best results, you should also cut the loaf into pieces if it is not yet sliced, according to Mr. Breakfast. You should cut them to one-half to three-fourth inch thickness, which is ideal so that the toast will cook as the outside of the slices brown. But if the loaf is sliced to one-inch thickness, you should cook it in a medium oven to avoid a gooey texture later. Check out this source to learn more tips and tricks for great breakfast toasts.


Christina from A Soulful Twist has her advice for making great French toasts. She suggested using only the right temperature, so you need to make sure that your skillet isn’t too hot, or else, the toast will be browned outside but still gooey and soft inside. While you shouldn’t use a too hot skillet, you should also see to it that it is the right hotness to sizzle your toast instantly when you put it on the skillet. Overall, the contributor suggested adjusting the temperature in the entire cooking process, such as starting off with 375 degrees and then moving it down to 300 degrees in the first minute. Check out the source for the entire tips and tricks shared.

Correcting Common Problems

Correcting Common Problems

What do I need to know about sugar and dairy in my French toasts?

Don’t use too much of them, or the eggs in your custard won’t cook well and will produce soggy slices.

Why is my custard lumpy?

You should mix the custard well to avoid this problem if you don’t want to see egg whites in your slices later. Whisk the ingredients until they are well combined.

Why is my bread soggy?

You should choose the right bread. As much as possible, you should use day old bread, not a soft, fresh one. You should also make sure that the bread is at the right slice thickness. The ideal is between ¾ and 1 inch of thickness.

What kind of bread should I choose?

Avoid spongy, soft types. Use challah, brioche or Texas bread.

Why did my French toast burned?

One reason could be using only butter. You should give the pan a light oil coating and butter combine to prevent your butter from burning. Also, you may not be wiping out your pan for every batch, which should be done o prevent black bits in accumulating in the pan and your next batch of toasts.​

Best Buttermilk Recipes

1. Basic French Toast from All Recipes

Basic French Toast from All Recipes

Check out this cool and easy recipe that I have tried. It is perfect! See the site for complete information on how to make this basic French toast by contributor Jan Bittner.

Check This Recipe

2. Classic French Toast By Martha Stewart

Classic French Toast By Martha Stewart

My favorite chef has her version of French toast in this recipe. Check it out and later tell me how you did with the delicious, easy to make French toasts.

Check This Recipe

3. Cinnamon French Toast by Food.com

Cinnamon French Toast by Food.com

Contributor Neta M. shared an amazing cinnamon French toast in this recipe that takes only 10 minutes to prepare and cook. Head over the site and see how you can make this aromatic, yummy French toast today!

Check This Recipe

4. Vegan French Toast by Pop Sugar

Vegan French Toast by Pop Sugar

If you’re on a diet, try this low-calorie French toast by Pop Sugar. And if you’re still wondering how that could be possible, I suggest you check out the entire recipe for vegans and dieters on the site.

Check This Recipe

5. Dairy-Free French Toast By Dairy-Free Cooking About.com

Dairy-Free French Toast By Dairy-Free Cooking About.com

Blogger Ashley Adams, a dairy-free cooking expert, reveals a great recipe for French toast but without dairy. See how to make this exciting breakfast food in a cinch by visiting this blog now.

Check This Recipe

6. Gluten-Free French Toast by Canyon Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free French Toast by Canyon Gluten-Free

Blogger Sherry McAnelly shared her recipe for a gluten-free take on the French toast. Head over to the site for the fabulous recipe that fits gluten-intolerant people.


There you have the many ways on how to make French toast that you will love and will add a little more twist to the French toast we used to know. Certainly, there are also tips and tricks on how to make it better as well as top ways on how to correct common problems when making them. Finally, I want to express gratitude to all the amazing bloggers who have shared their knowledge with the world on how to make restaurant-quality French toasts for all of us!

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How To Make Pastillas De Leche In Just 30 Minutes

pastillas de leche

How do you make pastillas de leche? This is one of the questions many people are searching for answers online. In fact, most of them are trying to figure out how to make tasty and delicious breakfast they can easily carry to work. The closest many of them have come to solving this problem is by making pastillas de leche. The only problem they encounter is how to make them.

As a cook, I know what it takes to make this Spanish dish because I often make them for my kids. If you want to know how to make pastillas de leche, just continue reading the tutorials below.

About Pastillas De Leche

Pastillas de leche, shortened as pastillas, is a mouth-watering dessert made of just fresh milk and sugar. This delicious and tasty piece of sweetened candy is well known and loved by many people in the Philippines. You can make this dessert with a bit of cooking or without cooking at all.

This dessert comes in different flavors. You can make your own version at home depending on the flavor you want. It makes great party treats, giveaway treats, present for your friends and even as your kid’s birthday gift.

If you are looking for a business idea, this Filipino dessert can be a good source of income too. It takes only 45 minutes to convert 1 liter of milk into pastillas de leche. With this amount of milk, you can make more than 50 pieces of pastillas each weighing 5 grams.

Making Pastillas De Leche

Below are step by step guides on how to make cooked and non-cooked pastillas de leche. The preparation time for each recipe is 10 minutes. For cooked pastillas, the cooking time is 15 minutes.

Instructions for Making No-Cook Pastillas

1. Pour the 1 can of condensed milk and 2 cups of powdered milk in a large bowl.

Pour the 1 can of condensed milk and 2 cups of powdered milk in a large bowl.

2. Mix the condensed and powdered milk together.

According to my experience, the mixture may be hard to mix together because of its thickness. Just have patience and use a thick and strong spoon.

Mix the condensed and powdered milk together.

3. Add the 1 tablespoon of margarine to the mixture.

In my case, I use real butter because it adds an extra creamy flavor to the candies. Whatever you choose, just pour it into the mixture and mix thoroughly until you achieve a thick batter.

Add the 1 tablespoon of margarine to the mixture.

4. Shape the batter cylinders, circles or whatever shape you like for your pastillas.

I like to shape mine into cylinders more like Tootsie Rolls. You don’t need any special equipment to make these shapes. Just use your plain hand to produce the desired shape you want. Once you are through, place the pieces on a large plate.

Shape the batter cylinders, circles or whatever shape you like for your pastillas.

5. Pour the 1/2 cup of sugar on a separate plate. Put the pieces into the plate containing sugar and cover all parts with the sugar.

Pour the 1/2 cup of sugar on a separate plate. Put the pieces into the plate containing sugar and cover all parts with the sugar.

6. Cut the wax paper or Japanese paper in advance into the desired shape.

Wrap each sugar coated pastilla with the shaped paper. It is quite easier.

Just place each piece in the center of each paper and wrap the ends of it.

Cut the wax paper or Japanese paper in advance into the desired shape.

7. That is it.

Just put the pastillas de leche on a party plate and serve. You can serve them as a snack or as a dessert.

Instructions for Cooked Pastillas

1. Combine 2 cups of powdered milk, 1 can of condensed milk and 1/2 cup of sugar in a saucepan.

Stir the mixture thoroughly as you heat them over medium heat until they turn into a paste or batter.

Combine 2 cups of powdered milk, 1 can of condensed milk and 1/2 cup of sugar in a saucepan.

2. Add the 1 tablespoon of margarine and continue to mix the combination thoroughly.

Add the 1 tablespoon of margarine and continue to mix the combination thoroughly.

3. Remove the paste from the stove and then remove the paste from the pan into a large bowl.

Remove the paste from the stove and then remove the paste from the pan into a large bowl.

4. Shape the batter cylinders, circles or whatever shape you like for your pastillas.

I like to shape mine into cylinders more like Tootsie Rolls. You don’t need any special equipment to make these shapes. Just use your plain hand to produce the desired shape you want. Once you are through, place the pieces on a large plate.

Shape the batter cylinders, circles or whatever shape you like for your pastillas.

5. Roll the pieces lightly in sugar.

Also, you don’t need any special equipment. Just use your plain hands make sure each pastilla is lightly and evenly covered in sugar.

Roll the pieces lightly in sugar.

6. Cut the wax paper or Japanese paper in advance into the desired shape. Wrap each sugar coated pastilla with the shaped paper.

Wrap each sugar coated pastilla with the shaped paper. It is quite easier. Just place each piece in the center of each paper and wrap the ends of it.

 Cut the wax paper or Japanese paper in advance into the desired shape. Wrap each sugar coated pastilla with the shaped paper.

7. You are through with making your cooked pastilla.

Just put the pastillas de leche on a party plate and serve. You can serve them as a snack or as a dessert.

Video On How To Make Pastillas De Leche

Below is a helpful video that will help you learn how to make pastillas de leche at home.


pastillas de leche

There are several variations of pastillas you can try at home. Besides Pastillas De Leche, you can also make Pastillas De Nangka, Mocca Pastillas or Pinipig Pastillas. For Pastillas De Leche, you can use carabao’s milk, cow’s or goat’s milk.

If you like Pastillas de leche recipe or have any other way to help people know how to cook this Filipino dish, just feel free to share with us. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Do you want to know how to cook pastillas de leche? Are you looking for the tasty and delicious pastillas de leche recipe to try at home? Do you want to know the ingredients to make pastillas de leche? Do you want to know the items you need to make pastillas de leche? This article contains all the information that you want. The article contains step by step guide on how to prepare cooked and non-cooked pastillas de leche. Just read on to learn more.

5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators In 2020

Best Counter Depth Refrigerator

Designing or re-modelling a kitchen can be exciting but also a little overwhelming. There are many facets to consider from countertops to sinks and islands, the choices available are vast. If you wish to keep your kitchen stream-lined and sleek, you may be on the search for the best counter depth refrigerator out there to accent your cabinetry and save space.

As with all other aspects of kitchen design, the options are plenty, you just need to know which features are important to you in your kitchen.

What To Look For In A Counter Depth Refrigerator


First it is important to know what exactly is a counter depth refrigerator to know it is what you are looking for and need. Counter depth refers to the measurement from the front door to back coils on the fridge–so basically the thickness of the appliance. The only issue is, you must first know the measurement of your cabinets and countertops before shopping for your refrigerator, since “counter depth” does not describe an exact measurement and there are a few options available.

Most cabinets are about 25” in depth so you would assume a counter depth fridge would be the same, but in fact, most counter depth fridges are 24”—the box only. Once you factor in the room required at the back of the fridge from the wall plus the doors and handles the measurement is closer to 31”. You do need this room though for door swing and as mentioned, the cooling space between the wall and the back of your fridge. Also, be aware of the height, since most counter depth refrigerators tend to be taller than average fridges.​

You should double check the space you wish to install your refrigerator, since many counter depth refrigerators come in wider sizes to account for the lost depth of a regular fridge. You may find that the space you have designated for a refrigerator or the space available is just not wide enough to accommodate the refrigerator of your choosing.​

How To Measure your fridge Rm wraps

Via Rmwraps.com


The best counter depth refrigerator should not skimp out on capacity. Many counter depth refrigerators take away capacity space in order to fit into the “counter depth” size range. This means you pay the same price for a fridge, yet you only get limited food storage space. It is important to check the overall capacity rating of the fridge you select.

Refrigerator Capacity

Price Point

Everyone has a budget in mind when shopping for appliances. Even if you have an unlimited budget, it is still a good idea to pay attention to the price tag. Just because a counter depth refrigerator may be priced higher, does not mean you are getting more value for your money.

In fact, sometimes you are simply paying for the convenience of having a fridge that will look smooth in your kitchen and one that is trendy right now. Compare the price point with the features you get and how it meets your needs.


If you will require the use of a freezer in your kitchen, you should consider whether the counter depth refrigerator you are considering includes a freezer. Not all fridges have a freezer compartment and the counter depth variety often have a freezer drawer in the bottom as opposed to the top like on standard depth fridges.

If you elect to go with a freezerless model, you will need to consider purchasing a separate freezer for your freezing needs. You should also decide if you would like the freezer to be located on the bottom or top of the fridge if it does include a freezer.


Each counter depth fridge will come with its own storage solutions and layout. Because many come in wider widths, the drawers are often more shallow. Have a look inside the fridge to see how it is organized. Double check that the shelves are adjustable or removable to meet your specific needs. How many drawer compartments are included and will this be enough for your needs?

Bonus Features

If you are looking for more than just a plain refrigerator, you may consider features that are added to the appliance to make it more attractive or even more useful. Some fridges come equipped with water and ice makers in their door for quick, convenient access to cold water and ice cubes or crushed ice. You will need the proper water hook-up for this feature so it is important to check that you can run the required lines prior to purchasing.

Another added feature which may be included is the Energy Star rating, meaning the fridge saves energy and costs less to operate than a standard fridge. Additionally, you may find other things could include frost free operation, glass shelving, digital faceplates and controls, plus so much more.

ice maker inside refrigerator view

Via Subzerolosangeles.com

5 Of The Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Models

1. Summit Counter Depth Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Summit Counter Depth Stainless Steel Refrigerator

This model features a slim design, perfect for tight spaces and fitting into existing kitchen spaces. It measures a 23.63” in width, a very thin design and height of 79”. The counter depth featured with this fridge is 25.63” and that doesn’t include the doors or handles. You will like the price point, since it is on the lower end compared to other counter depth fridges.

In terms of extras, this fridge may not appear to offer anything extra, however it boasts frost-free operation and digital control of temperature in the fridge and freezer, LED lighting on the interior, glass shelving and two crisper drawers.


  • Stylish stainless steel for a modern look
  • Slim design fits into smaller kitchen spaces
  • Freezer included on the bottom, allowing better access to refrigerator items
  • ​Frost-free operation
  • Price point more affordable than other counter depth refrigerators


  • Capacity is small due to slim design; holds up to 13.3 cubic feet
  • No ice maker or water dispenser included
  • Won’t fill in standard spacing in an existing kitchen
  • ​Much taller than standard fridge at 79” high; must have enough clearance
  • Because freezer is in the bottom, the capacity isn’t that big

Check on Amazon.com

2. Bosch Stainless Steel Counter Depth Refrigerator (B11CB50SSS)

Bosch Stainless Steel Counter Depth Refrigerator (B11CB50SSS)

Via Amazon.com

The Bosch Counter Depth fridge suits small spaces perfectly with its 23.5” width and 72 3/8” height. The slim design means a compact fridge yet the interior is well-laid out with multiple shelves, including a built-in wine rack or bottle rack.

The freezer is located in the bottom of this fridge and has three different drawers for easier storage. The depth of the Bosch is 25 ¾” not including the doors and handles. The crisper is humidity controlled to keep your fruits and vegetables longer.


  • Slim design to fit into tight spaces/smaller kitchens
  • Modern stainless steel fits into many kitchen décor plans
  • Freezer is divided into three compartments for better organization
  • Added wine rack makes wise use of space
  • ​Doors are flat so they do not add a lot of bulk to the refrigerator
  • Easy access to refrigerated foods since freezer is located in the bottom


  • Price point a little on the high end considering the sizing
  • Only 12.5 cubic feet of storage space overall, not ideal for larger families
  • Freezer is not very spacious
  • ​No icemaker or water dispenser
  • Slightly taller than standard refrigerators, therefore more overhead room needed

Check on Amazon.com

3. GE Profile PWE23KMKES Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile PWE23KMKES Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

The slate colored stainless steel gives a very high-end appearance to this refrigerator. It boasts a 36” width with smooth operating French doors, for added fridge space. It is 31 ¼” in depth including the door, so perfect for many counter depths. There is an internal water dispenser included with this fridge, with a water filtration system to filter out unwanted chemicals from drinking water.

The three available temperature settings allow you to choose the perfect temperature for your foods and the color LED lights inform you which temperature you are using. The wide freezer in the bottom holds more than the slim design counter depth refrigerators on the market.


  • Wide 3-foot width allows for more spacious storage
  • French doors are both stylish and very functional
  • ​Built in water dispenser with filter
  • ​Multiple temperature settings available
  • ​Slate stainless steel color won’t show as many handprints
  • Adjustable shelves to customize the storage space
  • Very large 23.1 cubic foot capacity
  • Energy Star rated


  • Price point on the higher end, may be out of range for some people
  • Wide width means you must have the existing space for it or be remodeling your kitchen to accommodate a wider fridge
  • Bottom freezer is large which means bending and digging through to find frozen items

Check on Amazon.com

4. Summit Ingenious (FF1935PLIM) 30″ Counter Depth Top Freezer Refrigerator

What Does Calamari Taste Like? #2 Best Recipes To Help You Find Out

What Does Calamari Taste Like

What does calamari taste like? Despite its popularity online, many people still do not know exactly what this delicious seafood taste like. Most of them find it hard to know its taste since they haven’t encountered it.

If you are one of those people who have never tried calamari before, let us find out together what it tastes like.

What Is Calamari?

In order for you to know what calamari tastes like, it is better to know what it is first. Calamari is an Italian name which simply means squid. This term is usually used to describe squid delicacies since it tends to sound more palatable than squid.

This seafood is slightly related to the octopus and cuttlefish with ten tentacles just like an octopus. The tentacles are edible but the body is the one that provides meat that can be stuffed whole, sliced crosswise into perfect rings or cut into flat pieces.

What Is Calamari

Via www.chowhound.com

What Does Calamari Taste Like?

Calamari can taste rather mild, slightly sweet and almost producing a nutty flavor. Some people state that it tastes rather fishy. When it is tenderized and soaked in egg or milk, its taste may differ greatly.

Depending on how it is prepared and the cooking time, calamari can be firm, rubbery or gummy. Any slight overcooking will turn this seafood into a chewier texture. The YouTube video below may also help you find out what calamari taste like.

How Calamari Is Cooked

There are different ways of cooking calamari. Whichever way you use, you need to be careful not to overcook calamari. If you cook it for long, it may turn into a gummy texture and become less pleasant to eat. This is the reason many chefs advise people to tenderize it and cook it at the minimal time to maintain its serving taste.

This said, you need to cut calamari into tiny rings or strips so that it is able to be cooked in the shortest time possible. You can opt to fry the strips and rings or bake them.

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2 Recipes to Help You Find Out What Calamari Taste Like

1. Sautéed Calamari with Parsley and Garlic

If you didn’t know, tender calamari can just shine with just a few ingredients and a few minutes of cooking. This type of recipe can be served with crusty bread and lemon wedges for acidity.


The ingredients you need include 1 pound squid with tentacles left whole and body cut into 3/4-inch rings, 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons finely chopped or minced garlic, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley leaves, 1 lemon, cut into wedges, freshly ground black pepper and 1 tablespoon salt.


  • 1. Pat the squid pieces dry with a pape r towel
  • 2. Heat extra-virgin olive oil in a large frying pan over high heat until smoking
  • 3. Carefully add the squid pieces in a single layer, and then add 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, 2 teaspoons garlic and 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped parsley leaves
  • 4. Season with 1 tablespoon salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 5. Cook the combination for about 1 to 2 minutes, tossing frequently, until squid rings turn opaque. Season it with addition pepper and salt
  • 6. Serve with lemon wedges

2. Calamari Special

Calamari Special

Via Tripadvisor.ca

This is one of the best tasting and yummy calamari recipes that I have ever cooked at home. You will find calamari cooked this way very tender than what you many have tasted in restaurants.


Some of the ingredients you will need include 1⁄2 lb calamari, 1⁄2 cup whole milk, 1⁄4 cup regular fine dry breadcrumb, 1⁄4 cup all-purpose flour, 1⁄2 cup vegetable oil, 2 minced garlic cloves, and 1 tablespoon red hot pepper flakes sauce.


  • 1. Heat a deep frying pan up to 350 degree Fahrenheit. You can also use a deep fryer instead
  • 2. Cut the fresh calamari into 1/4 inch strips and pat the pieces dry using paper towelsIn a medium size mixing bowl, mix together 1⁄4 cup all-purpose flour and 1⁄4 cup regular fine dry breadcrumb, and then set aside.
  • 3. Add 1⁄2 cup whole milk to a different bowl and dip calamari strips in the milk
  • 4. Dip the strips in the mixture that you set aside. Make sure that a thin layer of flour and crumb mixture coats the strip
  • 5. Flash fry coated strips in the frying pan for about 15 seconds
  • 6. In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil to medium heat. Add 2 minced garlic cloves, and 1 tablespoon red hot pepper flakes sauce and stir well
  • 7. Cover with a lid to prevent oil from splashing. Sauté flash fry coated strips for 45 to 60 minutes or until nicely light brown
  • 8. Serve calamari with your favorite dip


I hope you have gotten an idea how this unique seafood tastes like. I have also recommended some of the recipes that can help you to know what calamari tastes like. These include recipes such as Sautéed Calamari with Parsley and Garlic and a simple one known as Calamari Special.

If you have any other way to help people know the taste of this delicacy, feel free to share with us. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section below.