A Quick Fire Ketogenic Diet – 30 Days Plan

A Quick Fire Ketogenic Diet – 30 Days Plan

Many people who struggle with weight try out every possible shortcut to shed off the extra pounds. The truth is no remedy or concoction will get rid of your body fat overnight. The only possibility of losing weight overnight is through surgery. If you are not a fan of the knife, you might want to look into a ketogenic diet. This diet is not a magic concoction, but a healthy proven way of losing weight.The below thirty-day plan will kick start your keto journey.

Week 1

This is the toughest week for every person new to ketogenic diets. The body has been made to believe that it is starving, so what does it do? It panics and starts to look for the alternative sources of energy. The body is clever; it has some stored fat somewhere for days like this. It goes to its fat reservoirs and starts to break the fat down for energy.

The body also produces substances called ketones that act as a source of energy. The little panic mode that the body goes into is called the keto flu. This should disappear after the first week. You might experience dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, and irritability among other symptoms.

The trick to a successful first week is moderation. Start small and achieve big in the long run. Remember, no dessert in the first week.

Ketogenic Diet - week 1


There are quick-fixes that will get you to work on time. Try some bacon, cheese, an orange, and some leftover spinach or broccoli. You can also do some chicken sausages, eggs, cheese, and green pepper. The aim is to maximize the proteins and fat and to minimize the carbs. You are only allowed 30 grams of carbs a day.


Salmon, beef, chicken broth, beef, shrimp, spinach, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, soy sauce, red wine, kale, cabbage, oranges, berries, avocado.


Vegetable salad, fish, beef, chicken broth, fruits, green vegetables.Keep the fat content high and the protein moderate. Eliminate onions and garlic as they are high in carbs.

Week 2​

This week will be a walk in the park. By now, the body has become accustomed to the lack of carbs. It is now comfortable with its new source of energy. In This week, you will spice up your morning with a keto-proof cup of coffee. This type of coffee is made up of heavy cream, butter, and coconut oil. As strange as it sounds, this coffee is low in calories. You can add the ingredients to tea, or you can opt to drink the ingredients on their own. The lunch and dinner donot change much. You can add more fatty meat.

Week 3​

You are now feeling normal if not better. Fats are known to keep your body feeling full all day. This reason makes fats the best way to start your day.It is advisable to space your breakfast and dinner for twelve hours. This way, the body is given time to break down the stored fat in the body. Add more heavy cream, butter and coconut oil to your tea or coffee for breakfast.

After taking all that fat in the morning, believe me, you will not need anything for lunch except lots of water. If you feel overwhelmed by hunger, a few glasses of water will keep you moving. Dinner is pretty much the same. Add lots of veggies and meat to your meals. In this week, the long dessert break comes to an end. Low-carb cakes and vanilla latte cookies will be the perfect reward after the long wait.

Week Four​

This certainly should not be the last time you go on a keto diet. By now, you must have noticed some great results in your abdomen. This week is not for the faint-hearted. You are going to skip breakfast and lunch. You are only allowed to take black coffee or tea and lots of water. Dinner time is where the fun starts. You get to eat to your fullest. All the foods mentioned in week one to three. This is where the real ketogenic diet starts. If you are not ready for this strict week, you can always stop in week two.

This diet is not as hard as people think. Any ketogenic diet overview guide will tell you to be disciplined and remain focused. You can make it a lifetime diet and remain fit for life.​


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