12 Amazing Substitutes For Goat Cheese You’ll Love

substitute for goat cheese

Goat cheese is one of the most popular and widely used types of cheese in the world. However, it is also one of the vivers that most people tend to either love or hate (At least it is one of my favorite cheese, if not favorite).

But if you thought those amazing Greek and Italian recipes were just meant to be looked at and not tried only because you are not very fond of goat cheese, then it’s time to think again.

We have brought you 12 delicious substitutes for goat cheese. These cheeses not only serve as amazing alternatives but are also either similar in texture or in taste, appealing to anyone who might have aversion to goat cheese.

So what are you all waiting for? Get your cookbooks out, we’ve got some cooking to do. Let’s go!​

The 12 Substitutes For Goat Cheese

1. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese has the right creamy texture to serve as the replacement for goat cheese. However, the fat content in this cheese is much higher than that of goat cheese. That’s why I recommend to use cream cheese in a limited quantity.

You can make your own cream cheese at home by following the steps in this video tutorial below.

2. Feta

Feta, the king of strong flavors, is an excellent substitute for goat cheese. Though totally opposite, its crumbly texture compliments various goat cheese recipes, especially salads, quite well.

It’s also a more widespread taste, so if you don’t enjoy the limited taste of goat cheese there’s a good chance you’ll like (read: LOVE) feta.​


3. Ricotta

Generally made with sheep milk, the Ricotta cheese has low-fat content and is similar in flavor to goat cheese. However, the only thing that differentiates the two is its texture, which is slightly firmer than goat cheese.

If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) person, then making it at home will be easy for you. Just follow the instructions shown in the video below.​

4. Mascarpone

Mascarpone might be the best cheese to replace your favorite goat cheese when to comes to desserts. This Italian cream cheese has a very smooth and creamy texture that feels similar to that of goat cheese. The taste is completely different, though, as the later is noticeable more sweeter than the goat cheese.


5. Cottage Cheese

As compared to goat cheese, cottage cheese is much milder in flavors and contains lesser calories and fat. Despite being the healthier option, it is rich in the same amount of protein as the former.

Though cottage cheese can give you the similar texture of goat cheese but it might require some of your time. Start with blending the cottage cheese using a food processor or a blender until it’s perfectly smooth. Then let the blended cheese sit for a while in the fridge to give a solidified texture as that of goat cheese.​

And what’s better, you can make your own cottage cheese at home with this easy tutorial.​

6. Blue Cheese

The blue cheese is typically creamier than goat cheese but it’s crumbly and salty taste makes it a perfect substitute for goat cheese.

The taste of this Italian cheese varies from mild to sharp depending on its maturity. Blue cheese also gets less creamier by age but becomes much stronger in flavor. So before picking this particular cheese over the other ones in the list, make your it is as fresh as it can get.​

Blue Cheese

7. Camembert

With a much smoother texture than goat cheese, camembert cheese can work as a good substitute for goat cheese. This soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese is blessed with mild flavors and can replace goat cheese in dishes that require melting.


8. Queso Fresco

Another Mexican cheese that has the crumbly creamy texture of goat cheese and a similar tangy flavor that makes it a more suitable substitute than the other cheeses. However, this cheese is not an easy find.

9. Cotija

Cotija is a hard cow’s milk cheese that originated from Mexico. It’s crumbly, solid cheese texture might not resonate goat cheese but cotija can be considered a good substitute for its very salty, strong flavor.


10. Manchego

Manchego, the only Spanish cheese on the list, might comes packed with the flavors of goat cheese but not quite the texture.


11. Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc cheese has the best juxtaposition with goat cheese when it comes to texture and taste. But this Mexican cheese is pretty hard to find.

12. Tofu Cheese

If you’re lactose intolerant, then tofu might be your best substitute for goat cheese because of the absence of any type of animal milk products. Tofu is made by curdling raw soya milk and solidifying it into solid blocks.

This crumbly cheese might also appeal perfect for those on a diet since it contains lesser calories than goat cheese and is low on fat.​

Tofu Cheese

Things to Remember

  • You can always soak certain cheeses such as manchego or feta which have more solid packing in water or milk in order to give them the “creamier” texture of goat cheese. But I suggest you to first go with a small quantity of cheese to see the results before soaking the whole block.
  • You should also consider whether the cheese is to be used cold or hot in the recipe, as it will help you get away with different textures if it’s meant to be melted or mixed into the recipe.

The Cheese Connoisseur’s Bottom Line

There you go! Now you have twelve amazing substitutes for goat cheese. Just make sure you or anybody in your family don’t detest ANY of these cheeses before you use them, though! Till then, enjoy!

Did you have fun reading the list? Have you selected your best choice for goat cheese substitute in your next recipe or do you know a better substitute to goat cheese that we might have missed? Share all of your thoughts in the “Comments” section below.​


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