How to Get Rid of Tiny White Bugs in Soil

tiny white bugs in soil

Did you notice those tiny white bugs lurking around in your garden soil? You may also be wondering about what these bugs are and if they can create a negative impact on your garden and plants? Get to know more about these tiny white bugs in soil and how you can get rid of them effectively, by reading the information below.


What Are ​Tiny White Bugs In Soil?​

These small white bugs are creating a home out of your garden, and they usually come in a big family, which means that they can invade your entire garden in no time. They are as tiny as a pinpoint, and you can easily be missed. You will usually notice these small white bugs walking around the soil or a container’s plant.​

What are ​Tiny White Bugs in Soil?


Tiny white bugs come in different species, and they are in fact a close relative of spiders and ticks. People are wondering on how they can get rid of these tiny white bugs, especially that these bugs can cause damages and such as both outdoor and indoor plants.



Fortunately, there are ways on how you can get rid of this infestation. Get rid of them by reading the tips below.

How To Get Rid Of Tiny White Bugs In Soil​​

Maintain Your Garden

lawn mower

For you to be able to get rid of these tiny white bugs, you need to maintain your garden. Maintaining your garden includes mowing the briers, weeds, and the grass, as this will avoid the soil to get too much shade and moisture. You need to let the sunlight the air to freely flow all throughout your garden.

Before mowing your lawn would be best to wear trousers that are tightly tucked and high boots, to avoid the bugs from penetrating your clothing. You should also use a repellent while you are working in your garden to protect your clothing and your skin from any bug contact.​

Cleaning Your Garden

Cleaning Your Garden

This is, of course, part of the maintenance of your garden. You need to see to it that your garden is clean and free from anything where the bugs can start the infestation and development.

Besides mowing your lawn, it would be best to gather all the debris including the leaves that have already fallen from the trees and other plants that you have. Keep your garden’s surrounding neat, so these tiny white bugs don’t have somewhere to live in.​

Choosing An Insecticide

Choosing an Insecticide

There are a lot of insecticides today and choosing the one that can ward off these white bugs is essential. When using one, you need to carefully read the instructions for you to achieve the best results. Avoid using collars that are for fleas since these collars can ward these white bugs away, plus the collars can be dangerous and rock to the eyes and skin.

Planters And Pots

Planters and Pots

When gardening, it would be best to use new planters and pots. You also need to use potting soils that are fresh out of the bag since these tiny white bugs can already contaminate used soil. If you already have potted plants, it would be best to remove any bad leaves or flowers that are already dead.

Lastly, you should get a magnifying glass that you can use to check if the tiny white bugs have already infected the plant.​

Create An Insecticide

Create an Insecticide


There may be a lot of insecticides in the market today but creating one from your home is more advisable since it is safer. The reason behind this is because you won’t be using any chemicals in it. You can create an insecticide with a five tablespoon solution if pure soap or a dishwashing liquid and add a gallon of water.

You can spray this insecticide to your soil and plants every single day without worrying about burning or damaging the plants. When spraying the plants, make sure to spray under the leaves as well since bugs often lay the eggs there.

Another thing that you can do is to place a yellow colored plate near the plants with jelly. The bugs will get attracted to the color and will get them stuck in the jelly.

Now that you know how to get rid of these tiny white bugs in your soil and plants, then it would be best to know how you can control them. The reason behind this is because there will come a time that they will all come back to invade your soil. This is why knowing how you can control them is essential.​

Chemically Controlling White Bugs

Chemically Controlling White Bugs


There are a lot of chemical based sprays which is used to eliminate bugs, and one is aerosol sprays. You can start spraying this to the plants and the soil where the infestation of tiny white bugs is happening. It would also be best to spray it around the pot’s rim to help control the appearance of these bugs. You may also use sticky traps for adult bugs to be captured.​

Cultural Controlling White Bugs

You can use potting soil that is sterile for your plants to eliminate any development of bugs. You can also lessen the infestation of bugs by repotting the plants every three months. For people who don’t know, a soil that is saturated are prone to insect infestation, which is why it is better to avoid overly watering your plants. It would be best to let the plant to drain completely before you start watering it again.

Of course, it would be best to clean the drains in your garden for you to fully eliminate any bug infestation that is trying to develop.​​

These are all the information that you need when it comes to tiny white bugs in soil and how you can effectively get rid and control them. It may be scary to see these bugs roaming around your garden, but if you follow the tips above, you will surely be able to get rid of them in no time. Thoroughly enjoy your garden without these tiny white bugs in the soil.


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