Top 6 Tips For Choosing The Best Masticating Juicer For Your Kitchen

Best Masticating Juicer

In the past, we used to have some low-quality juicers on the market which did not yield the type of juice that was desirable. However, at present, it is possible to enjoy superior juicing yields with the help of masticating juicers which are also known as cold press juicers.

Only the top notch juicers can provide us with healthy and freshly squeezed juices and in the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some important guidelines on how to choose the best masticating juicer below.

1. Figure out what exactly you will be juicing

Masticating Juicer For Your Kitchen

All individuals do not have the same requirements when it comes to juicing. As a result, you will find different juicers which are more effective in delivering one particular requirement as compared to the others. Whereas some of them are efficient in grinding hard produce into fresh juices, others might yield juice from soft produce such as bananas. Besides this, some sophisticated juicers also feature additional soft fruit discs which help us to make juice from soft produce.

Alternatively, you will also come across another kitchen tool for squeezing juice which features wider sieves that help to produce thicker juices. In certain instances, it would not be surprising if a juicer that is efficient in producing juices from soft produce like fruits and vegetables gives inferior results while dealing with produce like wheatgrass. As a result, you must understand why you want to use a juicer while purchasing it.

But, how to know which particular juicer will be able to fulfill our demands? The masticating juicers which are able to deal with the hard produce usually feature heavy-duty moving components as well as high power motors. Apart from this, strainers and blades are also important components which you must consider while selecting a juicer.

Otherwise, if you want to obtain juice from soft fruits like oranges, it will be advisable to purchase a lightweight masticating juicer which is rather uncomplicated in design.

2. The size and capacity

One more important aspect that should be taken into account is the size of the juicer. While many of us like to extract only a small amount of juice, others would prefer to use the juicer continuously in order to get more. Consequently, some of the users will be satisfied with a comparatively smaller sized juicer while the others would like to go for a bigger one.

Other things to consider will be the size of the feed tube as well as that of the juicer chute. You should go for a juicer featuring a white chute in case you want to make lots of juices from bigger fruits. Moreover, you might require a big pulp collector if you would like to do juicing continuously in only a single session.

3. Simplicity of Use

Simplicity of Use

It is not advisable to choose any juicer which is rather complex for you to handle and you won’t be able to get the best results in case you do not want to take your own time to understand how to use them. In some cases, some juicers come with a host of different features. In fact, you might not require all of them in the long run and therefore it would be a complete waste of money for you to purchase these types of juicers.

Furthermore, it will also reduce the quality of the juice. The unit might be quite complicated but it does not necessarily imply that it is a great one as far as performance is concerned. If you go for a product with multiple controls and you do not know how to operate them, then it will be of little use to you. Consequently, keep this particular aspect in mind while looking for the best masticating juicer.

4. Efficiency

In most cases, the efficiency of the juicer will play an important role in differentiating between a good one and a bad one. As a result, it is imperative to check the efficiency of the product to ensure that your money is not going to get wasted. Now the question is exactly how much fine or smooth would you like the juice to be. While some individuals prefer fiber in the juice, others do not. You have to figure out the quantity of pulp and also how fine the juice is.

This will help you to choose your juicer without any problem. In some instances, several juicers might not deliver you the desirable result since they need to perform some tasks that surpass their output capacities. For example, you will find certain products on the market with blades for extracting juice from soft produce. However, it might prove to be a nightmare for you in case you expect these juicers to work in the same manner for hard fruits. This might lead to overheating and thus you will get a low-quality juice.

5. The Sound Produced By The Juicer

There are lots of different things that you must take into account while going for a masticating juicer and noise is definitely one of them. In fact, noise might create lots of issues for many individuals and therefore it is imperative to understand how to choose those products which do not emit much sound.

It is good to realize that this sound is usually caused by the blades as well as mortars present in the unit. As a result, more noise will be produced from the high-speed juicers. However, many of us prefer to go for high-speed juicers for fast juicing. Now it is up to you to decide whether you should settle for a high-speed product or one with less noise.

6. User Testimonials

User Testimonials

Checking user reviews will aid you a great deal to understand whether any particular juicer is appropriate for your needs. You should not go for something which will not deliver you the goods.

There is nothing like purchasing a juicer that eventually falls short of your expectations. However, you can get rid of your worries in case you buy a product which is already tested by other users. Therefore, you must make it a point to perform adequate research and go through the user testimonials to know much more about a particular masticating juicer.


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